February Love

Our life. This February.

Pax @ 10 Months

Ten Months! Your baby days are flying by sweet Pax! You like to stand on your own but a little nervous about taking steps after standing. You still are working on your two front top teeth...it's a little painful and I hate seeing you get frustrated with it! We have had a couple days of nice weather and you LOVE going outside. Anything outside. You even crawl over to the sliding door or front door and just stare outside. It's so cute. I can't wait for spring/summer- you are going to love it!!! Big sis plays little games with you- peek-a-boo, tickles, etc. You love it and laugh with her all the time. She also will get on your nerves too- try to lay on you, take your toys, etc. Dad always says "One day Pax is going to bring it, Ollie" haha! We love you so much P.Money ;) 


5 Years Babe!

Adam! We have been married five years! Yes! Yep! Hooray! Like you stated in your insta- 5 years, 6 jobs, 3 homes, 2 kids, and 1 bulldog. As Grandpa Bill says, "The most important decision you make in your life is if you believe in God, because that determines whether you will spend eternity in heaven or hell. The second most important decision you make is who you marry- because that determines whether you spend heaven or hell here on Earth." So true! And I'm so grateful that we choose to marry each other! We may have spent a couple of hours arguing about movies such as The Choice yesterday morning, but I would never want to argue with someone other than you about Nicholas Sparks movies;) Other than your "non-love for romantic movies", I seriously hit the jackpot with you Adam. I mean you clean and cook better than me. for. sure.  :/  Plus, you are a Godly husband, playful dad, and a creative genius.  Here's to sushi and Wheatfields and darts and pool! Happy 5th Anniversary babe!


Yipee! Ollie's THREE!

Ollie Lu! You are 3!!! Yay! This birthday was so much fun! You were so excited for people to come over, to show them your princess dress, to open presents, and eat cake! You did little dance moves all morning! We got up, ate breakfast, opened a few presents from Dad and I, went to church, came home, and then it was party time! 
We love you so much sweet thing! Right now you are really into princesses, "putting on shows" (wearing tutus as you sing and dance). It's so cute- you just sing whatever you think about and whatever you see in the room. So it's always a treat and hilarious when you get going! You really like puzzles right now..and are pretty good at them! You love playing babies, animals, kitchen, and doctor still. You have just started not taking naps everyday- so then you can get to bed at a decent hour. You love playing the wallet and ice game with Daddy. And throw fits if I'm not available at bedtime. You are starting to get into "ballerina" mode a little bit too. You are doing great with socializing with other kids at bible study, however, you are Claire have a love/hate thing going on right now. You usually are pretty good with Pax and love to hug him and give him kisses...and you always pray that you love him. It's so cute, Dear God, Thanks for this food and thanks that I love Pax and he loves me. Amen. 
 Here are some pictures of your 3rd Birthday Party! You had many outfit changes per your request. Whatever floats your boat, birthday girl;) 

The night before your party- you were eating Doritos and dancing. You and me may be a little too alike;)

Birthday morning- before church. Look at that cute smile!

"Shake it off" dance party with cousins!

Little Bro. Adorable as ever.

We are excited to see you "perform" your way through the next year Ollie Bug! Love you!