Pax @ 4 Months

Paxy Boy! That's what we call you sometimes! Big sis and I. 

You are growing non-stop buddy! At 4 months you are 26 inches long and 15 pounds. You are drooling like a fool. Your shirts are always wet. Fun for all;) You went on your first four plane rides when going on a family trip to Hilton Head, SC- Which means you also saw the ocean for the first time. Lots of milestones here at 4 months. 

We have a nanny, Presley, coming to watch you and Ollie during the week! So that makes things a lot easier on the whole fam! We are so thankful for her! Yay!

You have your first little cold. Boo. And you LOVE your big sister. She made you have your first giggles. Dad and I get a little nervous because she will push the envelope with you...for instance, I am eyeing her right now because she is playing "ring around the rosey" with you as you sleep. And I mean with you because she is inching around your peaceful sleeping body. Ahhhh....You will gain some great traits having her as your sister. ha. 

We love you so much buddy!!! 




Hilton Head

Grandpa and Gramee Sapp were super nice and decided to take the family to Hilton Head, SC! We love love love family trips where we travel, eat, and just hang with each other. Making memories and just talking about life. We all have such different lives it's nice to come together and share moments! Here is just a glimpse into our summer vacation with the Sapp clan!

First flight for Pax!

Travelin' with a toddler and baby. Fun stuff.

33 of us, I think. Quite the crew.

After fishing in the middle of a storm....#survivors

Night swim with a movie playing. "Magical."

Touring Charleston by Mules.

Charleston Family Selfie.

Grandkids and their plus ones.

I'm copying/pasting what dear cousin Abs said because it was perfect, "Spent the last 7 days on a trip with my 8 cousins, their spouses & kids, aunts, uncles & my grandma & grandpa sapp. And we ended our trip on the beach hearing my grandpa's testimony of how he came to know and love Jesus. It does not escape me that gorgeous setting and fun family trip aside, the really beautiful thing here is the generational faith and love of family that I have been blessed to be included in. This is pure grace." #‎sappstakethesouth‬