Red Desk

So...here is my latest creation! Adam and I registered for this red cabinet for our wedding...it was pretty expensive so no biggie that we didn't get it...but, I have been thinking RED furniture ever since! Check it friends! I'm selling it because we don't have enough room for two desks...so if you are interested. let. me. know. otherwise I will want to keep it, and Adam will get frustrated that I have many desks floating around the house.

3 under $6

For those of you who know me, you may know that I am not what you call a "bargain shopper"...I am just not good at being patient, sorting through lots of bins, etc. I want to get better at this...not only because it will good for me, but also because I have to (we are going to put our house up on the market hoping that it will sell in the next year...and we have to start saving for our loss thanks to the good ol' economy..blahhhh blah blahhkk). So, here are three, count 'em, three, things that I have found or done lately for under $6! Oh yeah. 

1) Salt + Pepper Shakers! Goodwill baby. I think they were like $4.50 together! Fun and yellow....

2) Aww...little fish bowls...from...you'll never guess for only being $3.75 a piece. Anthropologie! Adam didn't think it was a necessary purchase. Hello!!!...if we ever have ocean/beach/under the sea theme parties...:) Or just for summer fun, of course.  

3) Numbers! Hobby lobby. $0.99 each...wait! 40% of that even! Plus, the red leather string and hooks, which was like $4 maybe...

If you know of a place to go to get the good deals...let. me. know.

Happy Tuesday! **Just got done painting a red desk! Talk about a sassy classic! I will post pics later:)


Fish Fry & Cupcakes.

Hi. So, yesterday we had a big day. We headed to Lincoln for the "Annual Famous Fish Fry (I don't know if it's famous or how "annual" it is..? I have only attended it for 2 years...ha, but regardless, that's what I think of when I think of this Fish Fry!)" Adam's uncle Wayne batters up some good ol' Canadian fish that he has caught that year and shares it with the fam! So sweet. It was also his grandma, Evelina's birthday! So, lucky for us, she likes the idea of a fish fry birthday so we all get spoiled!

Thomas taking his famous angle shots!

Birthday Girl!

Little Mason "working" on the lawn with Bruce observing his techniques.

Aww...such a good pic of the brothers:)

After the Fish Fry we got together with some of my high school friends and grilled out at Blew and Beth's place...and Beth showed us how to make beautifully scrumptious cupcakes! She is quite the baker! I LOVE IT! She had all sorts of tips and tricks up her sleeve...and pulled off an apron like nobody's businessss! I have been waiting for "cupcake night" ever since we planned it! The dogs were even invited to come...which was a little chaotic at first...but slowed down and we felt the love later on in the night.

Amanda is 5 1/2 months prego and I love it! I kept taking pictures of her because she was so stinkin cute- don't worry Mandie...I limited myself to posting only two! She showed us future baby Chung and I made her take a pic with it....how could I not?! Aww.... 

A good day...all around! 

**I am thankful for being a teacher. With summer school I only teach until noon so I can have afternoons off and do fun summer things...which reminds me, I finished the book The Help this week. Love it! Totally recommend it! Anyways, thanks God for summer! Fall is going to be super super busy so please help me relax and get refreshed before it hits!

Baseball Bachelorette.

Batter Up (cue: Nelly)! My little, precious friend Kate had her bachelorette on Friday night. It was "baseball theme" due to the College World Series being in town! Oh yeah. What a fun theme, complete with hot dogs, peanuts, chips, and baseball cookies! Woot woot! Kater's getting married in October!!!

With lots of festivities coming up us girls have gotten to see each a lot this summer! LOVEEEE IT!!! And check out Jen's fingernails...One blue. Sometimes I try to copy her on this...pretend like I came up with the fun amazingness...amazingness is not a word, that's okay.


Pinterest Obsession???

So a couple weeks ago I learned about this little, special, fun website called Pinterest. Good for me. Not good for me "handling time management"...hmm. Luckily, it's summer, right? This website is basically good for inspiration on everything! Home stuff. yes. Fashion. yes. Food. yes. DIY crafts. yes yes yes. You basically set up different "boards" and can pin stuff that you like and you see online on these boards...or you can "repin" ideas from others. Here is a little glimpse into a few of my boards! 


Check it for yourself! Beware though. 


Sapp Family Vacation-Lake Michigan!

I have been "soooo" looking forward to our Sapp fam trip this June since I heard about it 8 months ago! And sadly, it has come and gone already, but it was fun and fab-u-lous! Yep yep. We (a clan of about 18 of us) flew into Chicago Thursday night, some of the crew got their rental cars and Uncle WayneO hauled the rest of us to our final destination... their lakehouse in Michigan! We were all heading to Michigan and Austin's luggage was heading to Dallas. Hey, if it had to happen to one of us, it should be the youngest, eh? and Sparkles Austin. Sparkles. Anyways, after a fun little 1 1/2ish ride we arrived at the lakehouse a little before midnight I think and chatted with the cousins like old times.

The next morning the boys woke up early early and went fishing (and I will say, were very successful)...while our manly men were fishing on the rough waters, us girls shopped:) Griff and I had some special bonding time reading "Cars 2"...and discussed how we are both very excited for the upcoming release date:) That night we gathered back up and the aunts, uncles, and Boss helped get dinner ready. We ate and celebrated Molly and J's engagement and had a good time welcoming J to the fam!

The next day the boys golfed, the girls lounged, and for dinner we went out to eat at the Stray Dog. We had our drinks and dinner ordered and were waiting for our meal for about 30 minutes when our waiter told us that the fire alarm in the kitchen went off and sprayed the kitchen with chemicals and such to prevent a growing fire. Hmmm....So, the kitchen closed. Suz, as always, was on her toes because she found a place to seat 26 hungry people on a Saturday night. We did however, hit up the Stray Dog "Gear" shop to purchase some shirts and glasses:)  Hey, memories are memories, whether we ate there or not! and how fun are they?!

The next day was Father's Day! We went to church early that morning and celebrated the day with our dads! Julie's parents have a beautiful cabin right by the Richards so we strolled down there and celebrated with a cookout! Yummm...Ali, the fun genius person that she is (bonus points for when I come to your new place Al?), ordered some little picture paraphernalia! And yes, looking through these pics I realize I have one face when it comes to putting on the mustache. Nice.

Meanwhile, Bruce hung out with his buddy Higgins! Thanks so much Tim and Kelly for taking him in! We appreciate sooooo so so much!

**I am soooo thankful for my family! God has blessed me so much for having so many loving people who care about spending time together. Whether staying up late (winning) playing games, to long rides smashed and smushed in cars, to backup plan champs, to crying together, to praying together, to the hilarious stories told after 1am, to new babies, and newer memories...aww...just love em.