My cousin...

...met Justin Bieber last night. Selena was with him. Love. She sent me a text at 10:30 last night. And I freaked out. Obviously.


Baby Anderson!

This is at 9 weeks 4 days.

So, yep. We are having a baby (God willing)! And yep, we know, we just moved away. Lots of changes happening very quickly in our lives at the moment. Were we "trying"?...well, we were, when we were back in Omaha. I had 48 sick days saved up and we were excited to start a family;) After we found out about our "little" move I wanted to hold off for awhile. Starting a new job with a new grade at a new school and just getting use to "life" here in Kansas was enough for me....but....apparently God had different plans;) Silly me. My cousin Abbi told me awhile back (when Adam and I were "talking" about having a baby) that I cannot plan it. YOU CAN"T PLAN IT AMY! ha. A lesson that needed to be learned I guess. 

Adam claimed he "knew" before me that I was pregnant. I thought there was no way. The time when we weren't trying...and bam? Now I'm pregs? Nope. Didn't believe it. I remember it like it was yesterday, the day he wanted me to take the test. We had just gone to the grocery store and I was having a meltdown.  It was a little over dramatic, all starting with Adam saying we should only get one bag of chips instead of two.  But I wanted two bags of Doritos!  I moved for you! And you are telling me what I can't buy now! (In reality, Adam would have let me get two bags of chips...but we all know this wasn't about chips).  It was just that "we were in a new grocery store, I want to be at my old grocery store. I want to be home. I want to go home." meltdown. We bought hot dogs and were just about to grill out when Adam suggested I just try and take a test (clearly, he need an explanation for his lunatic of a wife). Needless to say, I took the test....and "Happy First Weekend in Wichita, You are Pregnant"....

Don't get me wrong. I am soooo happy to be pregnant. It was just unexpected and everything was changing so fast. Those were just my raw emotions at first. I guess I was just caught off guard.  I had just gotten hired and I felt so bad that I would now have to tell my school I would be taking off right before "testing". and by the way thanks for hiring me. Our family and friends would be so far away now- how am I going to make it through? So many things ran through my head. But it's good. It's all good. Praise the Lord we are having a baby!  

Adam is also superrrr excited. He's totally ready to have a little babe! Very confident, that man. He smiles constantly at any little talk of "baby stuff" and joyfully dances around the kitchen when we talk about our baby giggling, crying, and crawling around the place with Bruce by his/her side. I'm so excited to see him be a dad. He will be a precious dad. 

I've wanted to tell so many people, but we thought we should just wait until our doctor appointment today to confirm that the baby was doing alright. The baby! Our baby! We heard the little pitter patter of the quick heartbeat this afternoon! Ah! Happiness! Baby Anderson is due January 27! 



Ribbon, Felt, and Time

So, this week I found myself crafting up a new hobby...banner making? Ha. Yeah, Adam laughed too when he came into the house after work to find it covered with felt scraps, ribbon, and thread in every which direction. This husband of mine is very good about "letting me have new weekly hobbies". But this one I just loveeeed so I had to blog about it. I mean talk about brightening up a room or putting some pizazz into a party! I made a couple for me and my classroom and then thought that I should make some to put in my mom's store of course;)  This is what kept me sane this week. Hip Hip Hooray!


The Donut Whole

My mom and Phillip were in town and this morning we tried out a place known for their variety of donuts, cleverly named...The Donut Whole. We were huge fans. Hipster little place with a touch of random & roosters on the side. From Strawberry Cheesecake and Maple Bacon donuts to Dirt & Worms, Rocky Road, and Sunshine Citrus Crunch donuts.This place had it all. Donut you wanna go? Come on down. We'll gladly take you.   



Okay, so I just now heard about the website goodreads. Have you heard of it? Are you part of it? It's basically a "facebook", only regarding books and only books. It's super neat-o frito. I often read books based on thoughts/reviews from friends...so this is perfect...because it's all about that. It also keeps track of books that you have read, books that you are currently reading, and books that you want to read (in case you forget). You can review the book after you read so friends know how you liked the book and if you recommend it. Huh, ya, nice? And after you read a book, you can "check it off" and add it to your list of books read! I love lists. So you should probably go check it out stat and be my friend! (Unless you are unlike me and with the majority of population that probably already belong...)!

I'm reading a book called The Book Whisperer right now which talks about how all students can learn to love to read if presented with the right books. It talks about the importance of children reading (obviously) and adults reading...even if just for 15 minutes a day. So, this website fell into my lap at the perfect time of me in "reading mode"....unfortunately, I'm not always in this mode. So, let's take it and run while we can, hmm? 


Solo Soap(box)

So, I decided that I am going to have to learn to do some things by myself being here in Kansas. Some people are amazing and do things by themselves a lot. Ever since I was little I just preferred doing things with people. When we went to the mall I would drag my younger brothers to Gap Kids and Limited Too with me because I couldn't go by myself of course! Maybe moving to Wichita was God telling me that I needed to mature a tad in that area. Right? Find some independence and "grow as a person". Hmm...So, I have been wanting to go into this little store on Douglas Avenue since we moved here. It's called the Flying Pig. And I wanted to go to this store sole because of the name. I went in and found myself signing up for a soap making class that happened to be that night. Here we go Amy, you are doing so good at being an independent grown up. Baby steps. 

Anyways, the class was fun. It only took 40 minutes and I came outta it with a pink grapefruit and almond butter bar of handmade soap made by yours truly. Fancy. Yes. 




Red, White, & Bruce

It's been a busy holiday week! I feel like I have been on "weekend mode" for 7 days straight. Nice. Adam, Bruce, and I went back to NE for a couple of days and fit a lot into those couple days. We played golf with Adam's family on Saturday morning, went to the cabin Saturday night (and I took too many pics of Bruce "dressed up"), went to our old church and met up with some of our bible study friends. About 15 precious people showed up to eat lunch and chat! We felt so blessed. We have such good friends. Such good friends. They rock. (I'm so bummed because I totally forgot about taking some pics).

Phillipp came back AGAIN from Germany! He was my parent's exchange student a couple of years ago. He came back and was an usher in Adam and my wedding, and is back for a month now! He just can't get enough of the states. I'm hoping to visit him someday! I think it's our turn;)

On the fourth we were back in Wichita. I was super sad at first that we couldn't be down at the lake with friends and fam for the lake festivities...but luckily, my mom's cousin, Judy, invited us to Herington for their 35th annual 4th of July par-ty....We hung out with the cousins there and held little Stella girl! Later we basked in the sun with our friend Brian, grilled chicken, and enjoyed frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate goodness!