Things We Like!

The book Crazy Love! This book calls Christians out and challenges us. There were so many times when I found myself stopping to think about what I had just read. My book is a mess, all highlighted and underlined, crumpled and torn...but I love it, it went everywhere with me until I finished. There is also a dvd to go along with it that has short, mini clips to go along with the chapters. So good...Hopefully, one day Adam and I can incorporate this particular study for our bible study group! I totally recommend this book!

Peanut butter! We love this Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter....on toast, with noodles, rice, chocolate pudding, you name it! From salty to sweet this stuff is heavenly!

The book Cold Tangerines. My cousin, Abbi, actually read a chapter from another book, Bittersweet, written by the same author, Shauna Niequist, for one of my bridal cute! Anyway, this book is an easy read and encouraged me to appreciate all the little moments that happen throughout life...check it out!

The Saint Louis Cardinals! Adam's stepdad, Tom, got Adam lovin' this baseball team at an early age...Adam LOVES em...and he's gotten me into the game of baseball! GO CARDS!