Tyler's Birthday Bash

On Saturday Adam and I went to Lincoln and did a lot of things. Taxes. Check. Help my brother move. Check. Celebrate Adam's brother's 26th. Check-a-rooski. 

Look at these delightful desserts...Evelina made the best chocolate cake ever (so much so that I took some home and may or may not have eaten it for breakfast the next morning)...and I made my first full on cheesecake. Tyler opened a gift of an IPAD2 and didn't even scream with excitement...so I did for him. Talk about a fab gift...he totally deserves it! Then, we went bowling...and Adam wore his gizmo shirt (I don't even know what a gizmo is even though he has tried explaining it to me multiple times...hmm...I think he judges me for that). 

Happy Birthday Tyler!


So for the last week and a half I have been turning off my music in the mornings on the way to work. To pray. It takes me awhile to remember sometimes. It will be silent for a couple minutes and I will wonder why there is no music...and then I remember. Pray Amy, Pray! It starts my mornings off a little better...and I'm using that time to try and get closer to God. It's been good. It's amazing how many prayers I can pray in that time. I told myself at first to do this for a week...and now I think I am going to try and make it a regular thing if I can...Oh yeahhhhh!



At 8 minutes on you will fall in love with the piano. Way in love.

Bruce Turns 1!

Yeah... we know...he's our dog. But he is just so cute and funny looking. And we are laughing a lot. This is our Tuesday night. Yep, and we love it. We bought him a bone and a colorful ball for his birthday. Go B, it's your birthday.

What is your name? Bruce 
What is your middle name? George

Do you prefer a nick name? B

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Are you right or left handed?

What is your favorite song?
Should have been a cowboy by Toby Keith

What is your favorite color?

What is you favorite food?
Mom's Taco bake

What did you do for your last birthday?
was born

Where were you born?
Kansas City

Favorite sport to watch?
Stl Cardinals

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
night bulldog

What pets do you have, if any?
Amy and Adam

One thing you really don't like to eat?
I don't understand the question?

Are you comfortable using a computer?

What is your favorite restaurant?
Dairy Queen

What's one of your pet peeves?
Getting my nails cut

What's your favorite snack?
ice cream 


Yee's Please

Last night we had our small group at Angie Yee's place! Her mom taught me how to make Beef & Broccoli! Oh yeah baby. When I told Ang about the last time I tried to make Beef and Broccoli...by using a Pinterest crockpot recipe, she laughed and made fun of me. I guess I didn't really think about the broccoli being disgustingly mushy (Adam even tried saying it wasn't "that bad"...ha..It was horrible. Went right in the trash after 3 bites). So, she offered her mom up to teach me!

One thing that amazes me about this family was that they are soooo hospitable! Angie's friends were showing up left and right and Mrs. Yee just kept making more food even if everything was already put away. Not one complaint! In fact, she was just delighted to do it! 

We even had strawberry shortcake for dessert! Good Sunday night. I will miss these sweet little things when they head off to college next year!



1. I'm signed up and ready for the Color Run in Chicago! I'm staying with a bestie... Alison Marie!!! Meg Hess/Dud came up with our team name, "Hue snooze, Hue lose"...color me beautiful June 2nd.

2. Some friends convinced Adam and I to get twitter. So follow us @i_be_adam and @i_be_amy...and yeah, I straight up copied him.  And I have like five followers. Ha. That's okay though, because they are good ones.

3. I don't have school today due to PT conferences! So I'm making monster cookies. Bruce is watching me.

4) Does anybody want to buy our house? It is still for sale:( You can have some of the cookies I'm making.

5)  A student gave me these for Vday. Words can't describe...and I don't even like the typical chocolate covered cherry.


Happy Heart Day!

I LOVE Valentine's Day. Always have. Date or not date. Single or not. What other better reason to wear all the different shades of red and pink together and get girly? I often buy mugs and dishes I don't need from Target just because I love the Valentine Day paraphernalia they so graciously offer. I wish I had a fancy fun outfit and was going out on a fancy fun date. But I will be with parents all night...talking about their children.

You better believe that I will be sending Adam some fancy fun, lovey dovey texts.

And I'm banking on all sorts of chocolates and candies from my kiddos to get me through.

Have a Happy  Vday!

"We love because he first loved us."  1 John 4:19 


Hot Yoga

Yesterday I tried hot yoga for the first time in my life. The room was 107 degrees when we walked in. It felt good the first 45 minutes.  Ugh. (aand then I figured out it was an hour and a half long...) by then end Jen, Meg, and I were struggling to even breathe. It was good though. I felt very cleansed....

until I came home and Adam and I had tacos, doritos, and beer. 


You are going to be soooo jealous....

I was having one of those days yesterday. I had a million assessments to give with barely enough time to teach the material. And reteach the material...for those of you who have heard about my class this year;) I went to the bathroom to change to go to the gym and had one of those "girl" moments when you look in the mirror and think you are the ugliest person living and don't know how people allow you to go into public...which then led to the "worthlessness symphony" in my head. Ha. Feeling sorry for myself, yeah, I totally was. 

I texted Adam and saying I was stressed and would meet him at home after the gym and he responded with, "Why are you stressed? Did you get my email? I have a surprise for you...AND I'm making you dinner!" What?! A Tuesday night date! I'm soooo there! By this time I was on the stair stepper asking repeated questions about the "surprise" and annoying him to the point where he probably wished he didn't have a surprise for me...I have a love/hate relationship with surprises because I can hardly keep myself composed knowing there is a surprise coming my way.  They are like little mini birthdays, eh?
I went home and enjoyed this....

And this...a 35 minute massage! I'm not kidding you. After dinner before we were getting ready to go to bed (yeah...he made me wait that long!)...he told me to wait outside our room. After about three minutes he ushered me into a room with candles, oils, and soft music...ambiance. Told me to go to the bathroom and put on a robe and when I come out I would enjoy a 35 minute long massage-"because I made the playlist that long"-quotes mr.charming;) *This whole thing surprised me because I swear I ask him every other day for a back or leg massage...half the time he will say okay and the other half-9 outta 10 times he can barely work his fingers for one measly minute! So, that is why this was a miracle in the making! 

By the end I literally may have had a little drool coming out of my mouth. Yep. It was that good. I have the most amazing husband. aaand the sad part was I was even being a little short with him the day before because of something that I needed to go to that I didn't know about until that day...because of him;)...ha, I still could have been wayyy nicer. Regardless, point of the story= I totally didn't deserve this stunning Tuesday night. That's why my husband is a beautiful thing.


What do you do on an "Anniversary Weekend"?

All of this stuff. 

You go to eat Mexican Food. 

You take charming pictures of yourself.

You make a video.

You get each other "paper" things. 

You buy a fancy beer for $6.59 because you wouldn't ever do it on a regular weekend. Yum. 

("That cake is older than our marriage" -Adam...and we looked at each other and agreed. Hmm...Weird, I still ate it though...and it was moist and delicious goodness)

And you go to Hy-vee (yes, I know) to buy Chinese for lunch and a $7 mega pizza (because it was "pizza palooza" I guess) for the super bowl, romantic eh? I know. Life in the fast lane.   

It's Our One Year!

Last year today Adam and I said our vows and we became Mr. and Mrs. Anderson! Uh, I remember how nervous I was the entire day. Butterflies is an understatement. I don't even know how he sang me a song...he mighhttt have to sing that for me later;) You know. Right after we talk about how much we love each other. While snuggling. It was such a fun day that we celebrated with friends and family, but we have had an even better year. Learning more and more about each other. Compromising. Dancing around the kitchen. Overindulging in take out. Laughing at Bruce and his little tiny brain. Arguing. Reading His word together. Singing together. Vacations. Discussing why he should shave his red-tinted beard. And the list goes on. 

Here's to us, babe! I love you so much. Thanks for being the best husband everrr...You rock my world. That's right.


Snow Day

                                                 (click on it to see it bigger)


I'm so excited!!!

I get to eat this cake in 2 more days....I have been waiting ever-so-patiently.

...potentially...February 5th starts Saturday at midnight...I don't think it would surprise Adam if I made him stay up to start devouring. That idea sounds like a keeper.   

*Also, my night consists of folk dancing with third graders in front of a parent audience. Precious. Which brings me back to...I think I sooo deserve this cake.