Here are some snapshots of Mother's Day, my 29th bday, the students I will be saying adios to at the end of the week, and the daughter who I will be spending all my summer days with! I'm a little giddy about it. She is hilarious and my full time comedian (she gets it from her dada).

Muffins with Mom. Usually Adam drops her off to daycare. I had to drop her off after Muffins with Mom. I was nervous about it the second I signed up and debated even signing up. This part (the picture) was the fun part, meeting the moms, eating the muffins.  I hated the screaming/crying/holding out her hands for me moment that came next. Tears. for us both. Summer is so closeeee....

Mmmm...delightful....and the drink wasn't too bad either;)

Mother's Day!

Surprise flowers from Ali for my bday!!! My day started off with a principal visit to come get a student, and ended the same way. So I cherished these bright beauties!

I like when Adam gets creative in some of the emails he sends me. So he made a card. Perfect;)

Wichita Ribfest.

Lots of Pigs.

Adam is starting to make pancakes on the weekend. Chocolate chip pancakes nonetheless. I love this man.

So sad to leave my 4th grade team at Jefferson...  

They are not so innocent. The one in the pigtails will give you a run for your money. Seriously.

But....so excited to spend my days with this one!

Tidbits about Ollie lately:
- She started sleeping in a toddler bed! Her bed is right nest to ours since the master is upstairs and her bedroom is downstairs. It's the cutest to see her be such a big girl!
-She loves reading and books. She will read to her friends at daycare. Melt my heart into a puddle. 
-Hugging. She loves hugging everyone! She snuggles up to people and loves giving out hugs to them!
- She is talking (blabbering) way more...more tones and pitches in her voice. Like she is actually having a conversation with us. 
-She loves shoes! She must get this from her parents! She always wants us to put all of her different shoes on her. Sometimes she will try to put her shoes on Adam. Ha. Not quite the same size. She just can't squeeze those little pink sparkly shoes on her daddy.


Things and Stuff

Here are some things and stuff that we are up to lately:

  • ate ice cream at a little creamery that is way too close to our house. we almost did back to back nights. almost. 
  • ollie can wear pigtails. big things. she pulls them off well, even though her uncle austin asked me "why she has horns"... hmm...brush...that...dirt..off...your...shoulders, ol.
  • ollie loves reading books. hooray. sometimes this will keep her occupied for a whole 5 minutes. it's bliss. 
  • we drove the 5 hour trip back  and forth to Nebraska 4 times in 5 days. it was super great.
  • we bought a house in Omaha! and started some demo in the kitchen. Adam loved it. He was obsessed with it. He dreamed about that sledgehammer. 
  • My dad bought Runza for our first meal in our new house. I will always cherish/savor that moment. It's good to be back, Runza.
  • Oh, one of the times back Ollie puked on me in the car. It was a down my shirt, in my hair, in the carseat kind of puke. Luckily, my mom was driving and the gas station ladies who saw the aftermath were the nicest ladies in this universe. 
  • We have been BBQing a lot in Wichita. Mmm....and I will miss our neighbors.

This may put a smile on your face. I found this on Pintrest and sent it to Adam. What's not to love?