Christmas Time!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yay! We have spent the last week going here and there and seeing a lot of family and friends over the holidays! Here is a glimpse of our memories. 

Bill and his Magic @ Gardner Work Party!

We have a neighborhood Santa that stops by the house and I was so excited about this! Adam even suggested Ol and I make cookies for the occasion. Santa, accompineied by his reindeer and elf came by and Ollie was TERRIFIED! She clutched onto my neck the entire time and tears were streaming. Adam asked if she wanted to give Santa a cookie and she yelled "NO WAY!"- ha. Oh brother. We apologized to the clan of holiday workers and as they left the house Ollie stated, "Santa's mean!" but then gladly opened her gold present. 

Ol's not a fan of Santa this year.


Minute it to win it! Final round- husband vs. wife

Brunch with my "high school" gals!


Baby #2- Boy or Girl?!

Here we go again! These videos...Adam and I about lose it. We didn't think we were going to do a video until yesterday...and so here is to last minute videos that make your stress level increase to about a million. But yay! We did it!

And here is the one we did for Ollie Lu!


Sprinkles & Glitter!

I really do love December. Getting out all the holiday decor and filling up the house with more stuff than usual:) Adam claims it's a little much but I can tell he secretly likes it. Adam and I thought we would try and start a new tradition of getting a real tree. Growing up, my family always went (and still does) to a tree farm to cut down a tree that one of us picks. Adam and I thought it much more convenient and budget friendly to hit up the local Home Depot and grab a tree there. And so that's how our tradition will start. So magical. Ollie loved putting the ornaments on the tree and I loved listening to her try and say "ornaments".

Making cookies. We were both this excited. We both ate too many.
Here is the tree farm where we did not purchase a tree, but where my parents did. It's really the cutest, small little establishment and I was hoping it wasn't so cold so I could get more outside pics. 

This is my "bad mom" pic. Coat off for 5 seconds to take a pic. Adam and Ol not thrilled.

I just love them all!

One day last weekend, Ol crawled into my lap and actually fell asleep for an hour. She hasn't done this forever and I just soaked up every minute I could. I could start bawling just looking at this photo- stupid pregnancy emotions. 

Jen turned the big 30 and we had some get-togethering. Yay!

 Ollie and her buddy, Harry, painted some pottery for the upcoming holiday.

See all those little ceramic figures in the background. Heart attacks almost happened. Perfect height for a toddler.

As tall as she could write. Pictures are of Brucey, daddy, mommy, Ollie.

Aunt Liane took us to a holiday craft day this morning. Photo shoots, making ornaments, and decorating cookies, etc.  At almost every station we created a disaster. Ol loved putting LOTS and LOTS (and whole containers) of sprinkles on her cookies. She also dumped an entire glitter canister over herself and I and the floor. Girl likes sprinkles and glitter. Can you blame her?