Adam turned 30 this month and I wanted to try and throw a little family surprise party for him! I was a little skeptical on if it would actually be a "surprise"...with countless facebook messages, texts, and phone calls with his family. I thought surely he would see one pop up on my phone! But, no sir-ee! We got him! I had Thomas take him out for dinner. So Thomas called Adam and made up some excuse why he really needed to sit down and talk with him over dinner. Adam was totally shocked when he walked in the door to the house! Yes! Success!

1 Adam, 2 Adam, 3 Adam, 4.

Ol and cousin Evie with their party hats on!

Surprise! Yay!

We went all together and got him grill that he had been wanting!

I love this shot. Pure face-smushed joy!
Happy Birthday Babe! We all love you so much! Here's to 30!


Early Fall-ish Things and Colorado Things

Here are some pics of "Late Summer/ Early Fall-ish Things and Colorado Things" lately. My cousin, Anna, on my Ziegenbein side, got married and so most of the clan made it down to celebrate!

Ol's new love for her "babies"

Ollie' first time at the Henry Doorly Zoo!

Aimee's baby shower! Full of babies!

In her baby's bed..?

Briton and Ollie play dates!


Dad/daughter talks in the hot tub.

"Quack, quack, quack"

Airport again!

With Aunt "Ashwee"

Anna and Brent tie the knot!


Counting in hotel pools.

Loved Great Aunt Jenny's doggie, Latte!

Grandpa helping with "House Stuff"...! Thank goodness for Gpa!

Lining up her babies is what she does. Boom.


T & L

Last month, Adam's brother, Thomas got married to his beautiful bride Liane! It was such a sweet day and Ollie even had her first run as flower girl! I was a little nervous about her walking down the aisle but I sneaked my way to the front of the church before it was her turn..and it worked! She hustled down the aisle and accomplished our goal! ha! Adam was of course a groomsmen so he saw the play by play! 

Thomas and Liane are now living just a few minutes from us in Omaha! He is a youth pastor at Kingsway church. It if great to have them so close!