Peanut Butter Chicken

Oh, how you make me so happy...I think I've called the Golden Palace one too many times in the last two months. Mmmm... I loveeee Chinese...especially the very unhealthy kind. The best nights consist of this, laying on the couch with Adawg, watching Cardinals, and trying to teach Brucey Bruce Bruce tricks (he now can sit and shake). Delicious. 


Summer Thoughts...

Now that school is almost done...t-minus 2 days left (oh yeah oh yeah ohhhh yeaahhhh)... and summer is rapidly approaching I thought I needed to figure out summer things...you know, the things you want summer to be about. I am actually super excited because I got jobs teaching summer school and a reading program in Elkhorn this summer...why are you so excited to be around kidssss longgeerrr you ask? Well, they are only half days so I can still work (and save up for a house with a yard someday, fingers crossed) while trying to do some things that I have been wanting to do all year! So here is my list:  

1) Painting old furniture. This was my Grandma Barb's old desk, it was actually made for a typewriter. My brothers (gotta love em) brought it up from my parent's house and Adam and I took out some of the huge extra wood pieces that weren't necessary, painted away...and whala, it's our fun desk! I really want to garage sale around this summer and hit up the Goodwill for old furniture (so if you know of any (garage sales or old furniture) let me know!) My goal is to start "a line" in my mom's craft store and maybe put it on esty as well! We'll see how this goes...I'm super motivated now, but who knows when the glorious sun starts shining down daily and I find myself craving a pool more than a paintbrush...which brings me to:

2) Summer hats in the sun. I plan on taking some of my afternoons and/or weekend to hit up the local pool (and when I say local pool, I mean Jen Neuberger's pool of choice at the time...her apartments or her parents...I will take either). Gotta love the summer glow looking stuff.

3) Read. I want to start reading books more. So..some Aphi "sisters (yep, I'm pulling out the sisters word...)" and I have decided that it would be fun to start a "book club"...I know, I know...veryyyy mature. This may an excuse to get together and have cocktails or this truly may be about reading books monthly. We haven't discussed this part all the way through yet...First meet is tomorrow at Mrs. Kara Weaver's place...so we will find out soon. If you have any recommendations we'd love to hear em! 

4) Our Camera. I want to learn more about our camera. I feel like I should take classes or something but classes don't sound too appealing to me at the moment. So, I guess it's up to Google and books. 

5) Photoshop. Adam is sooooo good at Photoshop stuff and it makes me want to at least know some basics! Last night I made the collage that is up above (All of you artsty-photoshopers, comments to yourself please;)...)! It took me awhile because it is soooo confusing...command this, shift that...ahhh! I already prepared myself that tears will probably come sometime this summer when Adam isn't there to come to my every "overly dramatic" plea for help. But we will see, bear with me when it comes to "amy photoshopping on the blog"!  

So that's it! My plan...I'm sure it will all go as expected and nothing will get in the way...right? ha. 

Summer summer summeerrrrrr loveeeee and stuff.

**I am thankful for my job. Even though by end of the year the students start becoming louder and louder and the paperwork piles up. I love trying to make a difference (as cheesy as it sounds)...but it is AWESOME when a kid doesn't understand something and you help him/her understand it. Kids are funny too. So I enjoy that.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


This Saturday morning we took a quick trip up to KC to watch the Cardinals play the Royals. We got up around 9 and skiddadled on down to make the 1:00 game. I was a little tired because the night before I had my friend's Brittany's bachelorette party (woot woot) and got to bed a little later than usual! I convinced Adam that since we took Bruce out at 12:30am that he would be fine until the morning (so...no need for a 2am wake up to take him out, happy happy joy joy)...well....that didn't work out as planned. I got up at 6:30 and he had pooped all over his kennel and then decided to lay in it. Great. Of course I couldn't handle cleaning the kennel and Bruce at the same time so I had to call on Mr. Adam (who was super happy about my "no 2 am wake up call" choice now...not). We gave him a bath, took him out, cleaned the kennel, then tried to go back to bed for a couple of hours. 

Adam just had to take a picture of "Bruce's first bath". Yes, I know, I look amazing with my eye makeup smeared and hair...well, the way it looks.

The Cardinals game was perrrfect! The forecast said rain so I was a little nervous about getting soaked midday but it turned out to be super nice out...and the Cards won! So, win win. 

Meanwhile at the house: I had one of my high school girls, Courtney, watch Bruce. I totally felt like a mom writing out directions to a babysitter! Ah! During the game and Saturday night Adam would randomly wonder how Bruce was and every time I would say "Ohh, he is fine. He is a dog." Next thing I know I checked facebook on my phone and Courtney's status was not a good one...it had something to do with Bruce pooping in his kennel and her not finding our AC...Ahh, I felt so bad. So, shout out to you now Court, thanks for being a champ! However, even though he had some bad moments I did find these pictures on facebook as well...Ha, looks like they went scuba diving and to the amusement park!

We enjoyed ourselves at the Plaza and ate lots and lots (which we tend to do a lot, especially when we go out of town). There was one time where we went out to eat, got gelato, and then decided we wanted appetizers. All in probably three hours. Three different places. Nice. We regreted that on the third stop when we realized we just dished out $20 for no good reason. Hmmm...

Pear and Gorganzola pizza at CPK...Oh, how I've missed you since you left Omaha.

All in all. Great quick get-a-way:) And here's to the last week of schoolllll! Cheers!

**I am thankful for you, Courtney and Adam. For cleaning up after Bruce. Courtney for the poop in the kennel ordeal and Adam for just catching Bruce's puke in your hand to spare our carpet...hmm..that's weird that he just puked. 


iphones and eyerolls

Hi. So for my birthday I really wanted to use the money from my parents and grandparents to get an iPhone. It actually worked out good because Adam finally could get off of his Alltel plan with his parents (there is like one or two Alltel's left in NE and good ol' Fremont was one of them). There was a little concern because he was stuck on the plan when we got married and had to wait until Alltel turned into Verizon (which was unknown...so not a good sign) or until his plan ended. So we waited it out ( I act like we were waiting years on end...it was three months, pull it together Andersons). Anyways, we were so pumped to go get the big iPhone. 

I met Adam after work at Verizon and we started giving the Verizon guy our big "we are getting off our parents plan and getting our own now because we are married and so grown up" schpeal. He started clicking away on his carry-around computer and this is when the eyerolls starting occuring. We thought we would both just automatically be able to get iPhones because we were getting onto a new plan. Nope! Adam could get one because he was going from Alltel to Verizon and would have to get a new number and stuff...but...I wouldn't. Hmm...Confident in Adam, I just assumed that I would get the new phone and he could have my old one (which still was a total upgrade for him since he couldn't ever see who was calling because he dropped it or hear very well because he was doing the "manly changing his own oil" thing and got oil on the phone). However, it "was MY birthday"...right? Whelp,he was being a little grumpy and on edge about this decision. This totally caught me off guard and I threw in the whole "my dad would have traded me in a second" speech. (You can probably see the eyerolls going all over the place now I'm sure)....So, Adam was raking his brain to figure out if there was anyway he could get his iPhone (don't get me wrong, I totally wanted to have matching iPhones with him...I'm cheesy and love that kind of stuff. I know, I know, some of you are thinking...pathetic...I'm thinking "why wouldn't we have matching phones?!)...He then asked if my family had any upgrades that I could use because they haven't used them...and....THANK YOU DAD AND YOUR OLD OLD PHONE....there was one. I called him and begged him for the upgrade. Luckily, my dad is amazing, and let me have it (it did take a little bit of explaining though...just picture me in the Verizon store in the corner for about 5 minutes talking it out with DaddyO in front of a line of customers waiting)...."I mean it was my birthday though", right? *Geez Amy, milk out the day even more. So end of story we both got the white iPhones (there was additional drama with the colors but I don't want this to get too out of hand)...;)

We will see how Adam and I do with these amazingly awesome phones. Adam likes to lose items such as phones and I like to drop items such as phones...so I will have to keep you updated!

Oh yeah...and this was my bday gift to myself...three words that just go great with each other: Kate Spade giraffe:)

*Today I am thankful for fun technology things and the school's homemade lasagna.Of course I packed a healthy wrap and yogurt...but I didn't know homemade lasagna was on the menu at school (some might be rolling YOUR eyes now...but ya can't knock it til ya try it)!

My Poor Husband

So....People that really know me won't find this surprising. People that don't know me too well.... this is my confession. Now, I will say, this is very extreme...the last two weeks of school have approached and so I just feel like life is a party and that I don't need to clean or put away clean clothes. I will say that most nights I have had a lot going on...however, last night before people came over for bible study I told Adam that if he watched Bruce I would go pick up (I had already skipped boot camp and my excuse was because I just "had to clean"...it's hard to figure out the best of two evils). Well...I got a little distracted because my cousin Ali sent me a link to this girl's blog and it was uhhmazing...sooo... this was the first time I felt like Adam was my mom. I was upstairs and time sorta slipped awayyyy?... for probably about 40 minutes... and all of a sudden I heard him trekking up the stairs. I threw my computer to the side and was going to grab a shirt to pretend to "fold"....but he caught me. Ha. Oops. Luckily, he just smiled and laughed because my flustered self was trying to "get out of trouble"...I started to pick up right then.  

Also, I decided to post things that I am thankful for after every post...regardless what kind of mood I am in. I'm totally copying this from another blog but hey what a great idea...I feel like it is way easier to complain then to give thanks to God. I'm reminded of facebook status updates when I think of people complaining. Not saying I don't, because I do (and when I do Adam will definitely point it out)...but, I think this would be good for me (and hopefully you) to take a step back and realize God has given you life, live for Him and appreciate everything, good or bad. 

**Today I am thankful for my husband. For putting up with me and my mess. He is very patient with me taking mini-tiny-small small steps at a time to becoming a "housewife":)



The birthday weekend was a good one...Thursday night Amy G and Erin made a birthday brownie cake:) with JB plates/napkins and all! 

I walked into my classroom and found balloons from good ol' Brit! My students made me a fashionable hat to wear for the day and my teammates got me Jimmy Johns! Fun:) 

Rach got me this card! ha. Perfect.

Adam took me to dinner at Bonefish for the Bang Bang Shrimp and some yummy seafood. I wasn't feeling the best though so I had to skip dessert:( Something I NEVER do, especially on the big day! He wrote me a song and gave me a card from Bruce:) Sweet thing. Later on the next day we were out running errands and there was a new guitar store in town so he wanted to stop in...here is most of the song he wrote...but a guy walked into the acoustic room as he was playing so we had to cut it off. Ha.

The next day we just hung around and relaxed (today is where I made up for the no dessert on my bday)...Started the day off with chocolate chip pancakes! Yum! My favorite from Le Peep. These pancakes aren't just regular pancakes....they are BIGGER THEN YOUR HEAD! and I had 2 of those bad boys! 

My high school girls came over later that night for a sleepover. Emily HAD to have PF Changs, so we went there....

Not a care in the world.
Then they wanted to make dessert...and of course they couldn't agree on just one...so we made THREE: cookies, cupcakes, and brownies! Oh yeah (see what I'm talking about when I said I made up for no dessert on the birthday)! Amy G was with us throughout the night as we purchased JB and got the dessert ingredients...Of course, this itself took longer then necessary when the girls got caught up in swimsuits and doing ninja rolls in the baking goods aisle. Precious things. But we got what we came for and had an excellent time hanging out with Bruce, baking, and watching JB til late in the night. 


A Full Wkend!

This last weekend one of my good friends from high school, Ashley, tied the knot to a man named Jeremy! It was a special weekend full of fun and festivities.

Adam and I headed up to Kearney Friday afternoon for the rehearsal dinner. It all went well and we were excited to see Ash and Jeremy so much in love and ready for their big day!

The day of the wedding was gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful out and Ashley looked amazingggg! I loved her little cupcake dress with her sparkling hairpiece and necklace! Most of the bridesmaids all went to high school in Ashland with Ash and it was fun reminiscing about the past and thinking about the future...while we were applying lipstick and hairspray the guys all slept in and went to Big City Burrito (home of the famous "gutbuster", where Adam and TL have their picture on the wall from a day last summer where they inhaled the gutbuster).They day went smoothly and it was great to see some old friends there celebrating Ashley and Jeremy's special day as well!

Adam taking pictures of TL taking pictures. Very necessary.

And...Adam taking pictures of Chris taking pictures.

This is so "not" Trent, So, I had to add it. Enjoy TL.

Miss Mary and Linda (Amanda's mom) came up to celebrate as well!

While we were in Kearney, my brother Alex was graduating from UNL! Woot woot! I'm so happy for him, bummed I couldn't celebrate, but it's okay...I heard the ceremony was 2 1/2 hours long, I was fine being there in spirit:)  He is done with school now and will be getting married soon...9-10-11 (the date of the wedding is very "Alex-like")!

This pic my mom took is awesome! Everything a little blurry except for Al!

The next morning we drove home, stopped quick to grab Bruce (Adam's brother, Tyler, helped us out big time and looked after Bruce while we were in Kearney- Thanks Tyler!), and met my grandparents and family to eat a little "Mother's Day lunch". We stopped by Grandma Barb's to say hi and then headed off to work on getting the cabin back in shape for summer time. After that we drove to Fremont and had dinner with Adam's fam! Adam and Thomas played basketball, Tom grilled, and Robin, Evelina, and I kept our eyes on the dogs!

Mother's day with Gma Barb

Bruce on the boat.

Sink or swim? ha.

Boss with his dog, Bruce wanted to be like Jessi.
The neighbor dog came over....HUGE! Holy cow, she said the dog weighed over 200 lbs!

Robin with the dogs!