Holiday Cheer!

Playing Catch-Up!

We have been busy and the blogging has definitely taken the backseat. We are back. Our fall was amazing. I started working part-time at Trinity Classical Academy! It's amazing. I teach third grade on Monday/Wednesdays and the students are homeschooled the rest of the week. Ah. It's so amazing being home more. I remember that I kept praying about a way where I could still teach but not work full-time (because that is a very rare situation) and God blessed me by granting me a job here (as we get it started, this year is the VERY FIRST YEAR it exists)! I started teaching Ol a little bit at home this fall and then next fall she will attend TCA:) It's been fun being at home with Adam throughout the week (as he continues to work from home for Gardner). Here is a little picture recap of fall things!