Happy Halloween

There's a new sheriff in town....

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Whelp, the day went quick! Adam and I sadly did not have costumes this year. There were a couple of things we wanted to go and do last weekend...but since I was sick I just wasn't up for it. 

Here are just a couple quick pics! We had a Halloween parade and party at school and it turned out great! Some of the classroom moms put on a few different games and activities and the kids loved it.

I found this fun activity to do online. The kids write their names in cursive on a folded paper, cut it out, and use it as a "skeleton body"...they turned out super cute for the amount of time we had!

That's that. Trick or treat my friends.


Candy Corn & Cardinal CHAMPS!

I'm sick. and kinda have been since last Sunday. Blah. I can barely talk and it makes it rather difficult to teach. Went to the doc this week and just now finally got some meds....let's pray they work! Yesterday was "Candy Corn Day" in third grade. It's a fun day. Candy corn activities, worksheets, and of course the actual candy to devour. While I love and fully support this day, yesterday "Candy Corn Day" took any life that was left in me, out of me. The students were hyped on sugar and the yellow, orange, and white day that surrounded them.  

*Let me throw a little sidenote in:  I did happen to bring in my "sugar cookies" from the prior post to give to the students if they wanted them. I just felt like I had to make someone eat them for them to pay off (hmm...someone's insecure)...so I handed them out and told them about my "experience" in the kitchen and if they wanted one they could have one. Of course they all tried one...I expected that. But I didn't expect their response! "Oh..Mrs. Anderson, these are the best cookies ever"..."Can I get the recipe?"...Not kidding people. So yes, I am confessing that I will now boost my self-esteem by going to 9 year olds.

So, after the sugar-high filled school day of course Adam and I had the BIG WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP to watch! So, we made chili and had the sunflowers seeds ready to go. Adam made me a "mini bed" on the couch since I wasn't feeling well. and then we may have gotten into a little tiff on why Adam "needed" to go get me Sierra Mist. Hmm...I may make matters a tad bit more emotional/dramatic when I'm sick. Anyways, the game went well and STL came out as the champs! Fun stuff! We are crossing our fingers for Pujols this upcoming year...ahhh...

...then B wanted to sleep by me on the couch since I was feeling sick...so I let him. I'm liking that four-legged creature more and more. Shh...don't tell Adam.


Sugar Cookie of Emotions

So, yesterday I had a doctor's appointment so I had to take the afternoon off. I decided that to be a good wife I needed to know how to make sugar cookies. I don't know why, I just felt like I had to prepare for the future. You know, one day "I'm sure" my kids are going to beg me to bake/frost cookies and I must be ready with the most "perfect" recipe, yeah? So, anyways, I felt like I had an extra hour or two so this would just work out wonderful. 

Let's just say I started at 2 and was still trekking through when Adam returned from work around 6. I started out grand. Just pouring in that sugar and flour with a smile on my face...there's no turning back now...and no need. Life is good. I had to refrigerate the dough for a bit, so I went on Pinterest to get inspired.  Hmm...things just look so easy.

Got the dough out and started rolling...and here is where it all began. The dough wasn't rolling well. Granted, I kept telling myself, "Am, you just have to learn as you go...Rome wasn't built in a day"...In due time, got the cookies cut out. Got the frosting made. and started frosting. This (frosting cookies in general) is wayyyyy underrated. It is tricky tricky. Right when I was feeling stressed and like a failure Adam walked in to...don't worry...not pick me up...but to continue to question my abilities. Super. It's okay. Coming from his point of view (look at this wifey class paying off;) ), cleaning the kitchen before work and then coming home (hungry for dinner) to a disaster of a mess (with no dinner in sight) probably isn't fun. But I was expecting "I'm so proud of you learning in the kitchen...you are such a great wife baby and I love you more then anything....can I have a couple cookies?"  

Yep. Emotions ran wild. and I was now overwhelmed with my below average cookies and the sugar, food coloring, and dirty dish disaster that I had attend to. 

It's okay. We cleaned up. The kitchen and my attitude. And that's my first sugar cookie experience. 


A Crew in Chicago

This last weekend quite a random crew of us went to Chicago. It was a good random though! Fun random! My parent's foreign exchange student, Belle, wanted to go to the city! Lucky for her, our relatives lived there:) So, my mom, Belle, Aunt Cindy, Max, Adam, and I drove down on Thursday. 

I love Chicago, but love being with my cousins more than anything else ever! Life is just extra fun with them! Adam and I stayed at my cousin, Abbi and Ryan's place, while Miss Mary, Belle, Cindy, and Max stayed with Aunt Suz (the host of all hosts)!

Friday we hung out downtown. Went shopping. Explored the Shedd Aquarium. Touched the bean (which I had never been to ever! I go to Chicago all the time, but have never actually "bean" to the bean (haha)....However, I did find out this was Ali's first time there as well...and she lives a block away)..so yeah.  

Ali's view from her bedroom! Right in the heart of DT, that lucky girl!

The Bean.

Adam thought this was a good pose. Hmm...I was unsure.

Of course he looks good with the pose though. Blah. Give me a break.

We had a "Happy Feet" experience in 4D! Ryan with little Sawyer...:)

The Jellies.

Al got a new camera that weekend....and won an ipad as well from work. Ryan wasn't jealous at all.

Tired parents...of course. Two children and one on the way! I'm exciteddd for them!
So....this was important for dinner...

 We went to see the Mary Poppins musical as well...the set changes and costumes were great and very detailed! Made for a long day though...I may have glanced over to see Adam's eyelids barely staying open...

Sunday morning we got up and headed back. We had so much fun hanging out with family though! Thanks for letting us barge into your lives for a weekend!



I think I need to watch this daily. 

Stay bold. Stay true. Proclaim the truth.


Pretty Pumpkins

Amy N and Tom had a little pumpkin party. Adam and I went. Jen was there. Ross was sick. Instead of carving, I brought glitter. Instead of carving, Adam was glued to the Cardinal game (which they did win...series is now 3-2, Cards...) in Tom's fun "man cave" with red couches. I wish I would've taken more pics...but too caught up in all the stuff. It literally looks like the party was Jen and I now that I look through my few pics....sorry everybody else, next time more moments will be captured...like Jess B made this creative little pumpkin dip in a pumpkin...super cute!

Amy and Jen made chili and taco soup and other people brought lots of sweets. Jen got a little Halloween spirit and made little ghost cookies and an "i heart r" pumpkin for sick ross-a-loss....we thought that would definitely make him feel better! I was impressed. 

And here is a little preview of B's Halloween costume. It's just a hat so don't get too excited. There are so many cute outfits...I was trying to justify buying multiple so that Bruce could express himself through outfits weekly...you know, like every Wednesday might be "banana Bruce"... but Adam and I teach and work at the church...so unless they go on sale, just not in the budget. Sorry b. Talk to your grandparents. 

and isn't Adam so cuteeeee:)