Summer is Here!

Summer has started! We celebrated with a pink bath for this blonde curly haired cutie!

At the cabin over Memorial Day weekend! She loved playing in the sand and the water! It will be a fun summer! She was throwing a tired, cranky fit and we tried taking her on the golf cart to get her to sleep andddd it worked like a charm. That is going to be our magic genie in a bottle for long cabin days. 

First pediatrician appointment in Omaha. This was just getting weighed...before the 4 shots....she's not a huge fan of doctor offices...but who is?

Her lil' molars are coming in...poor thing:( 

A leisurely breakfast.

At Oldtown in Wichita.

Wichita Riverfest. It's an 8 day city event in the summer. Bands, food vendors, overpriced turkey legs, the typical. It was fun to get Ollie out and about to see all of the things!

If Ollie isn't in the mood to be in the stroller, she will let the whole neighborhood know. It's a 50/50 chance now. So half the time she wants to get out and just walk...sometimes independently. No hand holding. Apparently she is too "old'. Here she let daddy hold her hand. So nice of her. 

Coloring. This girl enjoys a good crayon in her hand. It usually gives me a break for a good 5 minutes. Color on.