Pax @ 9 Months

 Pax you are nine months! Woot woot! You said "Ba" meaning Bruce for your first word! Same as Ollie's. Seriously, is mama that much harder than Bruce?! You like to get into things that you shouldn't. You like to climb stairs so we are constantly keeping an eye on you! You are as cute as a button we love your little two teeth smile! Keep truckin along buddy boy!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December has basically come and gone in a matter of seconds and here are some quick moments I was able to catch!

Sorry P. You had to wear sissy's old snowbibs. :/

Bill's Christmas Party. The annual carriage rides!

Bill and his MAGIC!!! I can't even handle it.

We love our nanny, Presley!

We are excited for 2016! Woot woot!

Pax @ 8 Months

Hey Buddy! You are 8 months and just cruisin. You have two little bottom teeth that are just too much to handle when you smile or laugh. You are crawling all over the place. Up the stairs is when you feel most accomplished of course. You are pulling yourself up on everything. Big sis is into puzzles at the moment, and you LOVE to try and grab pieces away from her and start trouble. You are starting to get to the stage where you are unsure of people that you don't see daily. You love the little puffs and they are a life saver at restaurants. You love baths and splashing. You LOVE dad's guitar. If he plays anywhere in the house that isn't in the room you are in, you will make sure to find him and climb up on him so you can touch the guitar and feel the vibrations. It snowed- your first snow!... and the cold snow felt good on your gums the first time we were in it:) You loved when I put a little bit in your mouth to find it magically disappears just as quick as it arrived. We love spending time with you Pax!  

First snow!

First Tree Hunt!

You LOVE dad's guitar!