A Quick Peek

...into my classroom. Where I spend my Monday through Fridays. 

Adam came one day before open house and did a little "art" for me:) I LOVE when he comes to school! And no, not all classrooms have a chalkboard...they are getting me another white board but it "might take awhile"...and I have learned that in this district...that could be a very long while.

The year has started off good! I have two great teammates that help me make it through the transition into a Title 1 school. 

I just found out I only get 6 weeks after I have the precious babe:( I'm kinda bummed...but it's okay, right? I have all summer;) I can make it, I can make it!



Thomas is Adam's little brother. He has been through a lot in his life already. A lot. More than the typical 21 year old. He is traveling to Thailand soon to spread the love of God. He is going for about a year.

Below is Savana Riley. Thomas and Savana were engaged and to be married a couple years back. As many of you probably know, precious Savana had a seizure while driving and was in a horrible accident that ended up taking her life. They had her funeral in the park where they were to be married. Thomas played the song he wrote for her when she was to walk down the aisle when they carried her casket down the aisle. The saddest story ever. I know. But since the minute Adam and I had to rush down to the hospital in Lincoln, Thomas has been the strongest person spiritually that I have EVER ran across at such a young age. Hours after the accident, hours after they had just been goofing around in Thomas' grandma's kitchen, here she was with only hours to live. Do you want to know what Thomas prayed? He prayed that the Lord's will be done. He obviously wanted and was desperate for her to stay. DESPERATE for her to stay. But he prayed that if it would bring more people to the Lord by taking his soon-to-be-wife, then let it be done. This may sound like an easy thing to say, especially since you and I are most not likely in that situation at the moment. But to truly mean it....? Put yourself in that position. Your best friend, spouse, in the midst of being taken from you. Could you truly say, Lord, your will be done? Knowing the pain you were and will be going through?

Savana was a faithful servant of God. I remember when I met her I was kind of taken back by her and Thomas' relationship with God and each other. So strong, so strong, for individuals that would usually be entering the "college scene", they were taking missions trips and growing in their faith daily. Saying I love you in the middle of a sentence in front of lots of people. I was impressed, and challenged. 

Years have passed and Savana is now singing praises to the Almighty. We all miss her but know that she is doing better than all of us down here!

Thomas has kept growing and growing. He went to seminary school and is now taking a missions trip to Thailand to tell people about Jesus. Visit his facebook page! He has made some great videos talking about his upcoming adventure! I think he is still waiting on donations to meet the needed financial requirements before he takes off...but when he does, he will have a family that will miss him greatly while he is gone! 

We went to the zoo the other weekend to celebrate Thomas and just be together!

Also...we can't forget Liane! Thomas met the sweetest girl this past year! She is strong as well....because, she will be here for a year waiting for her bf to come back! Her and Thomas constantly smile and enjoy each other! We are so happy for their relationship.

We love you Thomas! We know God has great plans for you in Thailand!


I'm so glad!

I'm so glad the Ehly's came to visit us this weekend! It was soooo great to just hang out with them for a couple of days. Erin is pregnant as well so we talked a lot of "baby talk" and are excited that our little ones will only be a few months apart! 

I saw a commercial about this "peach farm" and thought it might be a little adventure to take the Ehly's on...so we drove up to Newton and explored the costly little peach farm.

After the farm, Alex just had to make peach cobbler that night! He worked very hard on that little creation...;)

We had a taco night. 

Adam's dad bought us a fire pit and the weather was a little cooler that evening so we had to put that baby to use! We had s'mores...and found out that that very day was national s'mores day! Now that is exciting.

 Thanks so much Alex and Erin for taking the drive to come hang out! (Anddd thanks a bunch for helping me cut out lamentation for school Erin!) BCF 4ever!


This girl rocks.

Her name is Ashley. She was my "grandbaby" in APhi. She has her own jewelry line and is possibly the most adorable thing everrr. She lives in Colorado. Her company is called Mildred & Bernice ...you should stop reading and check it out right now.

I just ordered this lil gem and am so excited to wear it!


Cruisin' (Part Two)

The following night was "pirate night", a favorite of many. Pirate attire, fireworks, and the whole shebang.

Q: Have you heard about the new pirate movie?
A: It’s rated AARRRRGGH! 

Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear? 

Cros the cutie in her polka dots.

Brother Sister Love.

The last day we went to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay! It was gorgeous. We were planning on taking a catamaran out and snorkeling but the waves were too rough out were we would snorkel...so we just snorkeled around the island and saw the tropical colorful fish that we forget actually exist, and aren't just in magazines and Caribbean commercials. 

I love this.

I love him.


And so our travels had to come to an end. I am so very fortunate to be able to be so close with family. My cousins are like my best friends. And my grandparents are the best thing in this world. Us grandkids learn so much from them. Thanks Gpa & Gpa! This is a trip we will always remember!