Miss Baby A,

We started working on your nursery this week! It is making us so happy to think that come the end of winter we will be able to actually share it with you! Your dad has been putting together all sorts of furniture for you. He gets everything laid all out and organized, and then takes a deep breath before starting to try and read Swedish instructions (Ikea love). I've been going through picture books, frames, and some little trinkets you have already acquired from family and friends. So many people love you already! 

Ever since you came into the picture this summer you have made my transition into Kansas a little easier. I get to plan weekends and more weekends to come back to Nebraska for baby showers and such to celebrate you! Happiness!

Adam and I always talk about what we might think you be like. Your face, your eyes, your personality! Will you be more like him? me? both? neither? We pray for you daily, thanking God that we have a chance to raise a little girl (God-willing). I am around 23 weeks now...so a little over halfway there! I can finally feel you kicking around! You usually decided to kick a lot when we are reading the Bible before bed. It's so fun because Adam will put his hand on my belly and just wait and wait to feel you kick...sometimes you decide to, other times you make him wait. He gets jealous that I get to feel you throughout the day;)

Keep growing little miss! Xoxo. 


Pink Cake & Precious Bedding!

Always gotta love when the Sapp sisters come together and plan a party for you:) They are amazing. My aunts threw me a baby shower this last weekend with a lil gender reveal mixed in!  It was a quick, but perfect shower as people were coming and going and making their flights! It was fun to have everyone in the same spot for a couple hours celebrating little baby girl Anderson!

Our "vote"...

And it's a girl!!!

The aunts got bedding for our baby girl! & the cutest polka-dot rug. The cutest. 
The "grandmas" to be!

Thanks so much dear aunties!

I felt so blessed after the party as Adam and I were making the drive back to Kansas. I'm so incredibly lucky that my family is so close and likes to spend time together in the midst of everyone's busy schedule. Xoxo family. 


Boy or Girl....???

As most of you know Adam and I are having a baby! Boy or Girl? You shall see...


Adam's 28!

Happy Birthday Sweet Husband! This past week we had a lot going on! And had many reasons to celebrate!

Early last week we found out the gender of our baby babe! I wore pink and blue that day to school. I felt like it was only appropriate. We made a little video announcement that we will be sharing next weekend:)

 The Lion King Broadway Production came to town and so we were able to see that! I have been wanting to see it for a couple of years now, so it was exciting news when I saw that it was coming to Wichita!

Joe came into town from Colorado and spent the weekend with us. We ate lots of fun food,had intense conversation, and gathered by the fire pit a couple of nights. I had four s'mores one night. FOUR PEOPLE. get out.   

Brian met us out for dinner last night at Red Rock. The boys LOVE this place. If you come to town, this might be a stop we have to make.

Adam, I love you! Happy 28th cutie! I am so thankful to have you in my life every single day. You are a great husband. You do the dishes and don't complain. You run out of laundry and don't complain. You don't get nightly "dinners" and don't complain. Thanks for being you and loving me through all my emotional meltdowns that I blame on "pregnancy hormones"...;) You teach me what it means to truly love.



On Saturday Adam and I ran a 5k called the Race For Freedom. A friend from our new bible study was running it and I was immediately interested as my heart feels for girls that have to deal with that on a daily basis:( Heart breaking. Disgusting. That Human Trafficking. And it happens all around. There were a ton of runners there...which was great to see all the support for this particular cause! 

 We ate donuts after.