All Things Christmas

A glimpse of our 2012 holiday season....

"Virgin Chocolate Martinis...aka chocolate milk"

We had a busy and wonderful Christmas with family and friends...anddd are so excited for our baby girl to be here so very soon!


Books & Underground

This weekend Brian, Adam, and I went to "Hutch" (Hutchinson, KS) to spend a few hours of our Saturday. It's about 30-40 minutes north of here. Very cute town. Adam was all hyped up about going to the salt mines and running full force on a continuous coffee high. We went up to an Amish Yoder's Cafe because we heard wonders about their food. Myths of cinnamon rolls the size of your head...for less than $2. After indulging in such healthy food we went to Bluebird Books. Another designer at Adam's work created the logo for this adorable store. This place was whimsical. We got into the car after purchasing some "necessary" items for baby anderson and headed to the salt mines. We went 650 feet underground and had a pitch dark 2-3 minute elevator ride down...kinda freaky. We toured around and went on a "dark ride" tour...They preserve a lot of movie costumes and such down so they won't deteriorate. Adam loved the batman suit. 

We also decorated for Christmas, went on a hospital tour, and bowled at my school's holiday par-ty. Busy, busy Saturday!   

You Know You're Pregnant When....


You know you're pregnant when...

- You're bulldog can walk faster than you on walks.

- You wear leggings for 5 days in a row and feel no shame.

- When you beg your husband to get a treadmill for each other's Christmas gift...then you find one on sale, purchase, have him and a friend spend 30 minutes getting it through the front door...and still have yet to use. 

- When you need to lean back to get momentum to get yourself outta the car. 

- When you complain about your how much your back hurts in you in 90% of the emails you send your husband daily.  

  - Pour Pom Wonderful Juice into a wine class and pretend it's wine when you get home from teaching at a Title 1 school...(while eating chocolate...in a warm bubble bath...lit by candlelight). I know.


Boss & AMari!

So my brother, Austin (aka Boss) proposed to his girlfriend last weekend! Long story short...he was planning on doing it three weeks before he did and "plans/weather" just weren't working out...meanwhile, my mom and I were probably driving the poor kid crazy! When are you going to do it now? Will someone be able to take pictures? Should we make signs? After engagement dinner? Desserts & drinks? ha. Aus was not impressed with us gals...

He took Maribeth downtown to a fancy schmancy dinner and on a light up carriage...and got down on one knee:) 

I am so excited to have Mari as a future sister-in-law! Love the crafty homemaker to pieces! I foresee us doing all sorts of crafts and her helping me improve my skills in the kitchen!

Al & Ash brought them this "la romantica" wine for this romantic occasion...ha.

Miss Mary made sure we had light up ice cubes (which I am a huge fan of and will probably be incorporating to any party I have in the future...even if that "party" consists of Adam and I dropping these in ginger ale on a crazy Saturday night)...

Congrats you two! We are so excited for August 10, 2013! Woooo Hoo!