Halloween in Wichita

This Halloween was Ollie's first Halloween! Fun! anddd Halloween in Wichita is crazy. I guess, Halloween in our College Hill area is crazy.  These people go all out. The whole month of October people are putting out millions of pumpkins, dozens of ghost, black cat, and spider blow ups, orange lights, themed yards, which of course is finished off by "caution tape" so the steady line of trick or treaters doesn't get too out of hand! Last year, Adam and I felt like we were in a movie when we meandered the streets of this festive neighborhood. Literally, there was barely space between you and the next person...it was almost like a parade down a couple of these streets. It's super neat! Anyways, our new neighbors, Krista and Justin, asked if we wanted to take Ol to a couple of houses with their little one...We met and the little ladybug and lion took on the neighborhood...;) 

(***Thanks guys for letting Ollie borrow the ladybug costume! It worked out perfect!) 



Ollie @ 9 months

Ollie! You are 9 months! Hip hip hooray! You have a tooth coming in on the bottom row and you sure know it. The nights have been getting a little longer as I think that is when teething bothers you the most:( You love pointing your finger and fist up in the air (as your 9 month picture shows)!  You wave (it's backwards, but hey...a wave is a wave), and YOU ARE CRAWLING!!! You started crawling about a week ago and now you are on the move. You crawl to something that can help you stand. Then, you stand. We have a coffee table in the living and this is how you approach it: 1) crawl to table 2) make your way around the table to clear off everything (by now mom and dad just stack tons of toys on the table for you to throws off) 3) start fussing until mom or dad get you, move you a little bit away from the coffee table, and reload the toys and start the "game" over. 

We love watching you discover new things! It's a super fun age you are at!

We love you so much Ollie girl!