Pax @ 6 Months!

6 Months Pax! Seriously. 
-You are sitting up on your own and loving it. I remember when Ollie was able to sit up and how helpful it was! You actually can "play" on your own- You love when we set a tub of toys right in front of you and you just dive on in- exploring each one. 
-The smiles keep on coming from you! We just can't get enough of those chubby cheeks! I just grab your face and smooch it constantly. Left cheek. Right cheek. Left and right...and you just smile away:) It's amazing. I hope I never forget that feeling!
-You started eating rice cereal and baby food this month! You go back and forth on what you love and hate. It changes daily. I'm pretty much done nursing you which makes me sad- but Adam reminds me that six months is still great! 
-You are grabbing everything that is in arms reach. Anything and everything. 

You make us so happy buddy!