Ollie Taco

This is from awhile ago. But Adam and I were just watching it over and over the other day. I wanted to post it so we wouldn't forget! It's probably not funny to anyone else. Ya had to be there;) Adam, I hope in 20 years we will come back and relive this over and over on random Tuesday night.


Pax @ 2 Months

Heyya Buddy Boy! Pax we are so glad that you are part of this family! You continue to be a pretty chill lil babe! Sometimes you give me a hard time at night but all in all- miracle child. We are amazed by your determination to kept that neck of yours up. Daddy loves holding you and challenging you;) You are making a few faces and are keeping those eyes open! I always just love holding you in my arms while you drift off to sleep. Big sis Ollie continues to adore you. She now wants you to "hold toys" and tries to share with you- that usually means just laying them on top of you;) You have just been starting to smile recently and the household is obsessed with it! Yay!

We love ya so much sweet boy! It's amazing seeing ya grow! It's beautiful to see how God creates us and the little miracles He places as at each stage as we develop. A little smile from you makes this mama's heart flutter!    

How big sis plays with you.

Ol and Pax- 2 months

Seriously. I'm obsessed.


Things about Ol.

I've been wanting to post a few things about Miss Ollie that I love at this toddler stage...my memory is horrible...Adam makes fun of me daily...ugh. So, future Amy, this is for you.

-Ollie ALWAYS twists her hair or my hair. Mostly when she is tired. Every night, if my hair isn't available to twist, disaster falls upon the Anderson household. Seriously. I find unnoticed knots in my hair the next morning all the time. To make matters worse, she has me now twisting my hair at random times! I've fallen into her trap. Twist for life. 
-Ol always says "Yes please" now. And it doesn't even make sense half the time. Ex. 
Adam: "Hey Ol, will you get me your bowl?"
Ol: "Yes please." 
It's the cutest thing ever. We don't know why she is so polite. It makes us look good though. So, no complaints;)
-Ol, you are a big dancer right now. Anytime there is music you dance. Commercials are your specialty.
-"Cheers". Ol says it to anything and everything that touches. Popsicle cheers. Shoes that touch cheers. Toothbrush cheers. Cheeto cheers. The list goes on. I think I actually want to copy this trend of yours.
- She hate ants and bugs. She always come running to Adam and I when we are on the back deck. "I scared".
- You are into a phase of copying what people do- you always do this with Pax and Bruce. Pax will make a silly face or weird noise and you want to make sure I notice- so you say "Pax does ...." and do the same thing. I wish I could say it gets annoying, but I eat it up. Daddy may not feel the exact same.
- You have been ending names with boy and think it's soooo funny. "Bye bye daddy boy". Yesterday, you starting ahead of Dad and I and said, "Let's go boys"....hm. And today you also told me to "calm down babe". ha.  You are funny.

These are just a few of the moments I want to bottle up and keep until the end of time. This girl makes me so happy! I'm so lucky to be her mama!


Life with 2!

Life with two is now in full swing here! I feel like I am much busier than before! I understand how moms who stay at home full time are always busy! It's constant, crazy, overwhelming, emotional, and amazing! I've been trying to savor the moments and capture them with a click as much as I can- not much time to write or think- so here is just another photo update of our life...thumbs up.