Best 5th grade team! I'm sure gonna miss them!

Best Grandparents celebrating their bdays!

Best nights are grilling out nights.

My best little buddy boy!

Best pile of sand.

Best Pancakes are ones that spell your name.

Best school days are end of the year school days.

Best homemade necklace!

Best times swinging.

Best track year. Only track year.

Best Mother's Day!

Best pottery skills for Grandma!

Best designs by Ollie.

Best husband.

Pax turns 1!!!

Yay! Buddy Boy! You are one! This year went soooo fast and you are just cruising along! The doc says you are tall and thin, so you are taking after your dad. You are curious. Watching and learning from your older sister pretty much every minute of the day. You mimic her drawing, reading,  drinking, playing kitchen, etc. It's so cute. You are still obsessed with balls. Or anything sphere. Oranges= balls, Balloons=balls, Eggs=balls. You throw them, you dunk them in your little hoop, you just have one in your hand almost constantly. You have just started making other sounds. Baaa for Mimi's sheep. You say Mama and Dada, but we still don't know if you are connecting them to dad and me. You love to bother Bruce. You love baths. You love doing things you know you shouldn't. 

Pax, we love you so very much and every time we look at you we smile. I think you have a personality that is contagious already. I don't know if that comes out this young- ha- but it seems like you will:) Keep that happy face on little buddy and I can't wait to spend the summer with you!