4th of July Baby!

July is here! Get out the red, white, and blue to celebrate this country. I tried explaining the meaning to Ollie this year and it did not get 100% comprehended. ha. Adam and I both are not huge into the fireworks- but we got some small ones to show the kids. Ollie loved the poppers. Pax was terrified of anything that made noise (insert monkey with hands over ears emoji).

Every year we head out to the cabin on the 4th of July. There are a ton of people. Too much food. Lots to do. I love that Ollie is now getting to the age where she can get excited to do some of the traditions that I grew up doing! It's so sweet and precious and I am so thankful for these moments! Pax was just running around trying to get into trouble. ;) Here are some quick pics of us at South Bend!


Swimsuits all day.

Our June flew by...here are some summer pics! 73. #braceyourself