Look at Me...Suzi Homemaker

2 Nights in a row! It takes a lot of work to cook. And...it's just easier to grab from the frozen food isle or in my case, eat cereal for dinner. Unfortunately, Adam isn't a huge cereal buff...especially for dinner. I feel like most guys/regular people aren't. So, I have been trying to step it up. And, this might be it for awhile;) Slow and steady right? To be honest, other people just motivated me. So, all props to you Carol & Silvia!

Day one. Vegetarian Egg Rolls. Carol Lehn from school inspired me with these bad boys...amazingly too good. Addicting. and Scrumptious. I forgot to get a pic of them after they came out of the oven! We dominated them ridiculously fast. Self-Control Andersons...come on.

Day Two. Chocolate Zucchini Bread "Muffins". Silvia, from school, gave me some hugeeee zucchinis from her garden! So, I had to make something! I was so happy...Adam took four...or maybe even five! ha. That means they were a hit! 

Thanks school friends! Keep it coming!

Oh yeah, got this in the mail from dear cousin Abs. This is a little preview for 9.10.11. Al & Ash's big day! It's coming up soon!

Bruce wants to send you off of with a little message. 



End of August Stuff

So...Friday was Jordan & Mike's big day! Woot woot! Beautiful. Beautiful. We all celebrated with the happy couple!

And...Saturday morning we had HS leadership training...saw this video...Check it.

And...Saturday afternoon we went to Ceresco because Adam's dad, Mike, had a work softball tournament. So Tyler, Thomas, and Adam came to play!

Bruce was their mascot...

Doing his job well...

And...Then we stopped in Ashland, picked up miss Belle and she came and stayed with us for the night. We introduced her to frozen yogurt at Red Mango and she came with us Sunday morning to church. 

And... Sunday night Adam and I went on a bike ride! I have been wanting to get bikes and bike with Adam all summerrrrr longgg! Finally:) I know my biker shorts look good. hot. Hmm... and my hair is darker. Yeahhh...taking it one day at a time. Fall means hair change. Right? We will see how long this lasts. I may or may not have had a panic attack about this to Adam multiple times Friday night. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to smack me.

That's that. Adios.


Coop, Kate, & Ash

This weekend was a pretty laid back but fun one! On Saturday night my cousin Andy and his wife Julie asked if Adam and I could watch their little Cooper! We didn't have anything going on so of course we said we would love to babysit! We went over a little earlier and grilled out with them and Julie's sister & fiance. It was fun hanging out with them:) Coop is so tiny and little and adorable! 

Sunday morning we went to Springfield to listen to Thomas (Adam's brother) preaching the sermon. He did a great job and I always enjoy hearing Thomas...so cool, calm, and collective.
After that I headed to my friend, Kate's bridal shower. I could only stay there for basically 30 minutes because my brother's fiance had one in Ashland as well. But I did do a quick "catch up" with the girls (and am excited to reunite again with them on Friday for our friend Jordan's wedding)! Kater looked beautiful and had some yummy cupcakes:) 

Last but not least, I quickly headed to Ashley's shower in Ashland. Lots of family, friends, and family friends:) Chatted and watched her open her lovely gifts! I'm excited for her to "officially" become part of the fam! 

Anyways, that's the weekend in a nutshell. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow and this week...let the new curriculum begin. and. i. will. try. to. keep. calm. and. carry. on.


She's leaving on a Jetplane...

Yesterday my HS girls and I got together to send Emily off:( She is moving to Texas to be closer with her parents...so she is happy! And she is going to come back a lot this year and so we are happy! We went to her favorite place, PF Changs, and then went to DQ to enjoy some ice cream! We also made her some "personal dinosaurs" to remind her of us when she's in Texas. Here are some pics of the group...

I will say...I left PF Changs thinking..."Aww...I just love my high school girls...they are so cute and fun to be around..."...then I left DQ thinking.."Hmm...I can tell I'm not a high school-er anymore:)"...Ha. Love you girls but once the sugar hits..I'm out. ;)

~I started watching Keeping up with the Kardashians at 9 this morning. I'm glad Khloe could finally get married so I could move on with my day. Oh my.


DaddiO's Birthday

So, my dad turned 55 yesterday! He wanted to head to Red Lobster for some seafood so we all trucked to Lincoln to do so. I was a little nervous about heading to Lincoln because my first day of school was today and I didn't want to be super tired...but it turned out alright. I mean, we were still in Lincoln at 10 pm basically...but that's neither here nor there, right;) Here are some pics of the night! I found an old pic of my dad's favorite car that he had when he was younger and Adam spruced it up and made a fun poster of it! Yesterday morning we had nothing, nada, zip, no gift ready...but somehow Adam magically got it made quick, printed, and I picked up a frame over lunch break and we had it by the time we had to head to meet up with them! I'm not going to lie, yesterday was suppperrr stressful. super. (We got new reading, writing, and spelling curriculum at school and it is killing me softly- I had to hold back tears multiple times- ha. Oh geez Amy. Lock it up.) But anyways, we got the gift done and dinner with the family made me ease up tons:)  *Adam also downloaded a new camera app on my phone and we were playing with it...hence the faded border kinda look.  

I bet you all are thinking, "Hey who is that new girl in the pics?!"...Well, it's Belle. She just got here from Newfoundland and is living with my parents for the year! She's as cute as a button and speaks pretty good English if I do say so myself...We had a couple of good conversations revolving around how much Americans eat (she was shocked when our waitress brought over a coke refill before her last one was completely empty)...and we had to explain to her how Ashley's Bridal "Shower" coming up didn't mean..shower with water shower..ha. Funny stuff. 

We went to Verizon to get her a new phone...and they were having problems with the network...(that's why we were in Lincoln so late)...but she has one now! 

Also...the first day of school was good. I am surprisingly not exhausted yet. I'm sure that will come tomorrow or Friday. That's why I felt the need to write this blog while I still have energy! And check out what PTO made us:) Not bad, not bad....it looked just fabulous with our pilot hats we had to wear when the kids arrived!!! ;)


Cabin & Sing-a-longs

Yesterday Adam, Bruce, and I went out to the cabin for a couple of hours to relax in the sun. We grilled some brats and I bought some Ho-Ho's for dessert:) We tried to go paddle boating but it was super windy...so we were gone for 5 minutes. ha. Adam found some lips too. So we tried them on.I don't know how we got that miracle picture of Bruce with them. In .5 seconds he had them in his mouth and chewed up. 

Later that night we hung out with Jen, Ross, Amy, & Tom. Went to Red, had a couple drinks and then Ross and Jen and Adam and I decided randomly that they were going to come over and play poker. So randomly. It was almost midnight already...so this was big for Adam and I! Late night coming up!

We played poker. Jen dominated. and Ross and Adam did some sing-a-longs. You lucky people get to even listen!!! You're welcome for this musical snack that happened around 3:30am...(I turned the camera during the middle part because I thought it would automatically switch on my phone when played back for some reason...and it didn't, so oops...I switch back though). 

Oh yeah. We stayed up past 5am. Bam. That's right. We still got it. Once every three years we might do this. Maybe not even that much;)

**I'm suppppper thankful for Jennnnnn!!!! She's so fun and a goooood friend. and Ross isn't all that bad either.