Molly & J's Day!

Cousin Molly got hitched to a fellow named J last weekend. I so much wished I could have taken the role of bridesmaid but with being 8 months pregnant, I had to just hope that the doc would allow me to go! And it worked out! We made it, celebrated, and didn't have the kid on the plane. A win win win. 

Cheers to Molly and J! The wedding was beautiful. The venue was seriously the best thing ever. Perfect! We are so happy for you guys!!!

Life lately.

Life lately.

First swim lesson. Didn't go superrr great for Miss Ol...

"Auntie Liane" put on a baby boy shower for our little man!

Kinda Cousins.

Little guy

I feel like this time around, being pregnant is different. It is just flying by... I think mostly because we have a sassy two year old toddler to run around after. I am enjoying and taking mental notes of if though! So here are some things I would like to say to the tiny bundle that will be God-willing joining us in the next month:

-Boy, you are a mover. You are somersaulting around in this dedicated space to you, also known as my stomach! I just lay down at night in bed and watch you kick here and stretch there. There are times when you stop me right in my tracks. I just look down and wonder if the whole world can see this craziness in the center of my body. 

-Appreciation. After having one kid, I known what mystical and magical moments are to come with you! I am so excited to meet you and figure out your personality, the things that make you happy, and what frustrates you. We wonder if you will be anything like your sister or if you will be somewhat opposite...?

-You are doing a number on my lower back. Just so you know. 

-The hospital called me today and set up the time and date for your arrival via c-section. Unless, you decide to come early, we will see you early in the morning April 20th! 

-Your sister already is practicing for you. She knows there is a "baby brother" in my tummy and practices swaddling, changing diapers, and bouncing you while singing sweet songs. Her baby dolls are living quite the life! Ollie is a dramatic girl and I think it may take her a little bit to take you under her wings, but when she does, she will be the best big sis you can ask for! 

Baby boy, we are so excited to meet you so very soon! The clock is counting down and we couldn't be more thrilled! Ah! Two kids, here we go! Bring it.