Yesterday was Ollie's first Valentine's Day and we had a busy morning. "Busy" meaning having one pediatrician appointment at 8:30 and getting there without my "dream team (aka Adam & my mom)" that I had the week prior. My first outing with my lil' sidekick by ourselves...we managed and conquered (after, of course, the 5 minutes & emergency phone call to Adam to help me get the car seat outta the car).

Since my feet are slowly transforming back to my feet with ankles, I decided to wear actual shoes. Look at me go, I know! And it's only right to wear hot pink ones at that on  Vday. Sharing the neon love with the Kansas world around me.

We did a photo shoot. 


We (I) snacked...on this...but mainly red, white, and pink M&M's.

 Adam came home and we ate spaghetti and cheesecake while playing a conversation game that I stumbled across in my messy drawer (once in a-great-while that drawer comes through for me). Bonus.

 Then Adam let me go to bed at 9 while he watched Ol until "my night shift" began...sleep, how I miss you dearly...

Happy very first Vday Ollie Sweetie! We pray we have many more to come! Xoxo


12 days...

We are trying to get a schedule going now with little miss Ollie...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Right when we think we know when she will be hungry or tired she pulls a 180 on us and decides a different route. Luckily, my mom stayed with us the first week and words can't describe how much that helped us, especially me! A whole week with my mom and daughter! Happiness! We are doing this week just the three of us and are on day two. Last night we ventured to Wal-mart...Adam was worried and anxious the whole time we were there...so nervous she was going to wake up and start crying. Hmm...hopefully this taking her out in public thing will get easier with practice!

You all would be very impressed with my wardrobe the last 12 days... I think I have three outfits (that would all be considered pajamas in some sort of way or another) that I have alternated after wearing for days on end. I could probably have a competition to see which ensemble I have worn the longest and I wouldn't be shocked if they would all end up in a close tie. 

I just stare at her all the time and it's amazing how much you can love someone who has only been here for such a short amount of time! Sometimes when she cries, I can't help that tears come to my eyes...her little bottom lip sticks out and quivers...like "Mom..come on, help me, fix me so I feel better!" I am trying as fast as I can sweetie...She has started making a lot of different faces and her big eyes just observe the world around her when she is awake. We've noticed her "awake/(sometimes grumpy)" time is around 6-10pm...Last night she feel asleep after I fed her around 9 and we thought we were being sneaky and tried putting her down to sleep because Adam and I were both exhausted...thatttt was not okay with miss Ol. She made sure we stayed up til her typical bedtime of 11 and even a little later! Silly girl! Adam was my hero last night. He took that shift, and he took it with gusto! Seriously, what a guy I have!

It's crazy how two weeks ago, she was hiccuping in my womb...and now here she is hiccuping while I hold her. I like it better the second way.


Miss Ollie Arrives!

The Story

Early Wednesday morning I started getting contractions...not super close together, but close enough where I had to call in to school and let them know that I wouldn't be in because they were starting to hurt. They got closer and closer and I called Adam and 4 pm telling him I think he needed to come home so we could go to the hospital! Ah! We went in and the doctors told me there was good news and bad news...good news: I wasn't leaving the hospital without a baby, bad news: I had super high blood pressure and had to get on an Magnesium IV. They straight up told me this Magnesium was horrible. They told me I would feel super sick, depressed, dizzy, exhausted, etc. They didn't sugarcoat anything at all...and once they left the room I just started crying and crying to my parents and Adam. I was soooo scared and nervous to have this baby! I started shaking and didn't stop until the next day pretty much. Ugh. Thinking back, makes me shiver...I didn't even want to write about this, but I thought this would be good for me to look back and and think how it was all worth it in the end! And as little miss Ollie is here in my arms I already am so in love! 

So, Wednesday night was probably the longest night of my life. There was lots that went on...they were trying different ways to induce me (because my contractions had stopped because of the Magnesium), the baby's heart rate dropped a couple of times and a crew of nurses would rush in and try to figure out why, etc. I was ready for morning when 6:00 rolled around. They doctors that were there told me that they would call my doctor at 7:00. Praise the Lord! I just wanted my Dr. Christman! He came in around 8:00 and told me my different options as far as other inducing ideas and a c-section. I still was only dilated to a 1 at this point! And they said that my minimum labor would be 12 hours...and they were nervous with the baby's heart rate dropping a couple of times throughout the night...so we decided "c-section time"! I was fine with it, I was so exhausted from what had already happened I just wanted to meet my little girl! So within 10 minutes of making the decision, Adam was scrubbed up and we were heading down the hall to have this baby! 

The room was all white, with two huge lights, mirrors, and filled with about 15 doctors and nurses awaiting our arrival. I felt like I was in a movie. As the operation started I asked Adam to pray for me, and as he was praying one of the nurses put her hand on my head and prayed with us! It was touching. Within about 15 minutes we heard a loud cry, screaming to the world the she has arrived! Adam went over and watched our Ollie get checked out by a couple doctors and brought the little gem to me while they were closing me up. The joy of having her and seeing her that first time was/and still is indescribable!

We are so blessed to have Ollie Lucille! Such bliss!
1/31/13   Born 9:05 am
7lbs. 14 oz.  19.5 inches