Christmas Time!

Adam, Ollie, and I saw a lot of people over the holiday season this year! Here is just a photo post of lots of good times with friends and family! It was so fun having Ollie here! Her first Christmas! Babies just make everything so great!

Bill's Holiday Party! I look forward to this every year....well, for the last two year;)

High School friends get-together!

Adam and Ollie hanging with Joe!

This is kinda blurry...but this Linds and this outfit need to appreciated.

Jen has such fun parties. Look at us dance....Woo hoo...

Aim's list of all the famous people she has meet in Cali. Watch Out.

Waking up my first Christmas morning!!!

Christmas and Grandpa Mikes!

Adam just gets more and more fun as the years go on!

Grandma Robin taking pics of me and my new toy!

Gramee Lu and her famous peppernuts!

The girls! It took awhile to get a pic with them all looking! Miracle pic!

Awww....melts my heart!

Max playing his violin with his groupies.

Let's do this...

Only family pic we got...ughhh?

Adam wants Uncle Keith to sell him this Gibson banjo for a good price. Ha. He's funny.
 That wraps it up! Now that we have a kid, Adam and I think that it will be fun to think of our own holiday traditions with our family! This winter break has been exciting, yet exhausting. I'm looking for to the next few days where Ol and I will just be relaxing in Wichita! I have four books that I have started in the last few months and my goal is to finish at least one...I'm crossing my fingers!



This year was Ollie's first Thanksgiving! I feel like we were traveling all over the place since we went back to Nebraska! Busy, busy! Fun busy! It was fun to get back and hang out with family and friends!

Ollie @ 10 months

Ollie girl! You are 10 months! You are loving life and loving attention! You have perfected your crawling and are all over the place! You love to pull yourself up onto anything...tables, doors, legs, Bruce...the list goes on. You are saying more sounds when you talk...and you will talk and talk and talk when you are in the mood. We visited family over Thanksgiving and you always started out shy...and slowly got to be pretty loud as you "chatted" with everyone.

You love to "show" us stuff...anything. A little piece of paper on the ground, food, toys, and sometimes nothing...you just pinch your little fingers together and show us "something". And you get so excited when we respond to your "stuff"! It's the cutest thing!

You love your daddy!!! I never see you smile so big as you do when you see your daddy! Seriously! He loves it:) You and him love giving each other "high fives".

I also somehow remembered this little "mouse" crawl that my Grandma Sapp used to do to me. She would crawl around my body with her two fingers and then nibble here and there...nibble at the foot, nibble at the tummy, nibble at the ear....you LOVE it! It mesmerizes you! We can even get you to fall asleep sometimes with this little "mouse crawl"!

You now have one more tooth coming in that we can see...so that makes the total...2! ha :) Good job!

Mom pushed you in you in the Mustache Dash!


Ol, this is such a fun age! Your dad and I keep talking about how much we love it! Thanks for making us instantly in a good mood whenever we see you! I can't wait to spend all Christmas break with you! Woo hoo!