A song!

They played this song at church the other day and I loved it! So pretty! You should listen to it again and again like I do:) 

And this cover is fun. 

I love this part and the line "take my deeper than my feet could ever wander"...I just feel like that is so great to pray for...to be able to trust God and be challenged. Mmm. So good!

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior


Here are some pics of fun things so far this fall! Adam and I decided that everything is so much more fun when you have an Ollie! 

Jen And Bgal came down for a little visit! Great times as always. Chicken curry, crafts, and donuts.

Thomas and Liane were down the following weekend. Jeanne's cafe (a fav of mine & about everyone who goes), pumpkins, and donuts. 


Neighbor night to chat with the new neighbors! Gotta love our neighbors! They both have little ones and we are all around 28-29 years old (Adam couldn't get over that fun fact)...except for the youngin' Jackie;) 

My friend Emily got married in KC! A perfect rooftop wedding and amazing reception! Hoorayyyyy!!! 


Ol's first trip to KC!
Elisabeth and I trying to cheer on Kristin and Leslie in their first half...but we missed those crazy gals! 

I love cuddling with this pretty baby in the cooler weather!


Ollie @ 8 months

Ollie-pop! You are 8 months! You are moving around girl. Shifting your body and getting from point A to point B. No crawling yet, but soon enough!

Let's see, some facts:
  • You love mom's homemade squash! 
  • You have tried small pieces of french fries, peaches, even...maybe...a small taste of chocolate cake:/ (I just had to...?)
  • Your dad wants me to write on the blog what your name was going to be...so we don't forget to tell you....Rue! We were going to name you Rue but the Hunger Game series came out and that name became pretty popular...so we switched it to Ollie!
  • This month you got sick for the first time:( You had the flu, then gave it to mom. That was appreciated. So my sick days at school are already in session!
  • You are starting to hold your arms up when you want someone to pick you up. Daddy loves that. You also like to clap and wave your arms around like crazy when you are excited! Like when mom picks you up from daycare! Yipee!!! Mom has been sad lately because she has to drop you off at daycare:( So she is loving you like crazy when you get home every day!
  •  I always do a cheer for you. At least once a day and you love it. You can go from crying to laughing in a second flat.."Her name is Ollie, (yeah), and she is cute, (yeah), and she is fun (yeah), and she loves her mom (or dad or whatever I want to put there) (alright alright alright)"...I know this doesn't make sense to the blog readers...ha. You probably are just shaking your head at me. But this is so I remember. Because I forget lots. And I'm 28.  
  • Dad always says "Rock n' Roll" and bobs his head back and forth and then you always bob your head back and forth! ha. It's hilarious!
  • Transitions...next week you are heading to the transition room at daycare. Ah! Getting so big. You tried it today and weren't the biggest fan. ha. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. 

You and neighbor Luke hanging while the parents eat. Friends since birth!

You meeting our new little neighbor girl!

Fall weather is here and you are loving it!

We love you sweet girl!