I'm obsessed with this summer...

Here are way too many pics. But I am absolutely loving this summer. Maybe it's because I had an extra month of summer break, maybe it's because I have another little kiddo to add to the mix, maybe because it's because Ollie is potty trained, maybe it's because Adam works from home- so I get to see him over lunch, I just don't know. Adam and I always make fun of hashtags, even though I do indeed use them. ha. #blessed #momlife #staysummerforeverrrrrr

Ah! Both smiling!

Found my old AG dolls!

Ol loves the park.

This was my mistake. Too young;) I tried and failed.


Twirling hair. This was not posed. ha

Told you so, Adam.

We don't interrupt dad often, but Ol just had to show him her dress.

My old dance costume.


So fun! Wine night.

Ollie wasn't fond of the parade this year either:/ Third times the charm?

Then. Now.

Date night.

#mcm. It really was a Monday date.

Jazz on the Green!

Nothing cuter than a man holding a toddler, picnic basket, and wearing a City the Kitty shirt he designed.


Pax @ 3 Months

Pax! You are 3 months! Time is flying for sure! I am hanging on to the summer as it winds down at a rapid rate:( Pax you are a gem. You seriously steal hearts of anyone holding you when you give them a little grin, I swear. You have stayed a "happy baby" pretty much! Standing is your thing. You always get a proud look on your face when someone helps you stretch your legs and stand tall.

Pax you are now sleeping from about 11-4 or 5! I consider this a win! Our schedule is a lazy summer schedule as you, Ol and I like to sleep in until 8 or 9..:) I know this won't last much longer, so I am savoring the "no alarm clock" mornings! 

You can sleep through your sister's crying and long tantrums in the car- even when you are right next to her. Although, she does complain if you cry for 30 seconds that it "hurts her ears". ;) Your crying usually doesn't last long. Maybe 2 minutes and half the time it is a quiet cry. I joke with Adam that even your crying is silent;) You are too good to us my son.

We love you so much bud!

You always are seeing what Big Sis is up to...

Zoo Day.

Seriously. Swoon.

Ollie and Pax- 3 Months