So, Adam's boss, Bill, is probably the coolest around. Yesterday afternoon, he secretly called me and wanted to know a restaurant that Adam and I liked...He said he wanted to get us dinner for our anniversary since Adam has been working a lot of late nights the past few weeks. So sweet! He offered for us to go out but didn't know how he would do babysitting Ollie;) ha. I told him we love being with her at nights so dinner in was perfect! When Adam got home I (with the help of Bill obviously) surprised him with a PF Changs dinner already out and ready to eat! This meant just as much to me as it did Adam. I didn't have to ponder about an "anniversary meal" and Adam didn't have to journey out to the store in the snow when he got home. We appreciate(d) it so much. Bill is just ridiculous. So nice and genuinely caring. I mean seriously. #1 Boss award goes to this guy!

Thanks Bill!


3 years!

Adam! We have been married 3 years today! I would first like to congratulate ourselves on getting through this last year. The first year of having a child! Challenging. Yes. rewarding. Of course. I think you, my dear husband, went from zero to hero when it comes to the number of hours you sleep now! You love your sleep. I remember when we were dating and you came with the family to Chicago and you said you wanted to nap instead of doing some activity we all planned. I was not happy. But here you are today, sleeping less and less with a baby and your busy work schedule and you are THRIVING my man! Nice job!

As I tell you all the time, I feel like you drew the short stick with our marriage. I don't clean super well, I don't love to cook that much, and I complain more than enough. Yikes. I say it kind of as a joke- but it's really not. I really am going to try to work on it. Small goals and steps? So, February. I'll clean every Saturday morning with you without complaining;) Maybe it will start a revolution? eh?

I can't even start to describe to you how caring and helpful you are when it comes to Ollie. I couldn't ask for a better husband to help me raise our little girl! I am incredibly thankful for you, even though I don't tell you as much as I should. I depend on you a lot. And you always come through. I pray that God will let us have more kids if it's His will...one reason is because you ROCK as a dad. Ollie is very lucky to have you as her daddy! I can tell already she adores you and wants to be like you! Whenever she sees you drawing or on the computer she always wants you to pick her up so she can help you!  

Thanks for being so patient with me as a new mom and wife. And thanks for continuing to challenge me to grow with my walk with the Lord. You inspire me. I love you.

***Here are a couple photos from our stop motion video we made for our wedding. Teamwork. That is my motto for us this last year. We raised a one year old. Should be all sunshine and rainbows now, right? ;)  


Ollie's 1st Birthday!

Since Ollie's birthday was on a Friday it worked out nice because we could travel back to Nebraska for the weekend and celebrate with friends and family. When looking back at last weekend I realize that we are truly, truly blessed to have so many friends and family take time out of their busy schedules to wish Ollie a Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, we had an "Ollie-pop" (lollipop) themed birthday! (The night before Grandma Z downloaded the "Lollipop lollipop" song and we danced around the living room spinning Ollie around with the biggest grin!) The Ziegenbein side, Sapp side, and some friends even make the trip down to Ashland! 

Such a fun group. Ol's surrounded by boys! Ha!

Cake. So, Ollie starting off eating her cake very lady-like. Just a pinch of frosting here and there...About a minute later she really starting digging in! MMmmmm....

All Done!

The next day we celebrated in a "two-in-one" fashion at Liane's house! Ollie had her 1st birthday and Brittany had a baby shower (expecting a girl in March)! So double the fun! It was great to see a bunch of people from Adam's side!

Grandma Robin got Ollie a Minnie Mouse outfit for the party!

We cut into the cake before a picture was taken! Oops.
I love this pic of Ollie and her cousin Trent! He is so good with her! He will be a great big brother!

After the party on Sunday we head back so we could make it in time for the Super Bowl. When we got home it was soooo cute. When we opened the door to our house, and Ollie saw Bruce (we had to leave him to the care of our kind neighbors this trip) and she was soooo excited! The biggest smile! Nose scrunched! It looked like her little cheeks were gonna explode! ha. Then she crawled into the living room up onto her chair and just looked at us and smiled...like "I'm so glad I'm not in that car anymore!" Ha! Us too! :)

Happy 1st Birthday Ollie Lu! We love you!