Pax @ 7 Months

Pax!!! You are crawling! You started at exactly 7 months on the dot! You are loving this new venture you are on. Getting whatever you want, whenever. Again, you are the happiest baby. You bring a smile to pretty much everyone you meet and sweep them off their feed with your little grin. Your big sis makes you laugh. Like deep in your belly laugh. It's so dang cute! And Ollie gets a kick outta being your entertainment. Win win. You have been getting more and more into baby food. Sorry, it's the store bought kind (not homemade like your sis) - but you seem to like it and usually have quite the appetite! As I look across the playroom right now you are playing your own little game of baseball. You grab the ball, smile, try to eat it, can't, so you throw it, then crawl to it, then grab it, try to eat it, and have been doing this for the last ten minutes.  :) Cutie pie. We love you so much and just want to kiss your little cheeks all the time. I think I have mentioned that before. In like every post. But you know.

Life Lately. Late Fall.

These pics were taken literally 15 seconds apart. Can't wait for the teen years.

31st bday gift!

Reward for sitting good at church: swinging after...

EXACTLY 1 year apart! Thanks Presley for the pic and the Vala's pic this year!

Ollie's new thing. Hahaa - That boy in the green overalls in Johnathan. Nightly, she says "Daddy, tell me a story about Jonathan.." Oh boy.

Learning Directions.

Both sister-in-laws are having babies soon! Jan and March!

Halloween 2015 "Toy Story"

Sit-ups with little brother?

"Can we go to maybe 3 houses this year? That would be pretty special..." -Ollie

I swear our kids love us.