Free Fallin'

A couple of weeks ago our neighbor, Andy, invited Adam to go skydiving. He had some vouchers that a friend gave him for his and Jackie's wedding and...she is pregnant and due on Christmas! So...he had to use them up and graciously invited Adam to come experience the thrill of falling 10,000 feet before they had to be "responsible dads" :) 

I was totally fine with my husband going to do this life-threatening adventure until the night before this little excursion. I was laying down on the couch enjoying Undercover Boss, delivery pizza, and an uncaffeinated Diet Coke (with a shot of vanilla that probably added caffeine) from QT one minute, and then crying while calling my brother Alex the next. Alex has gone skydiving before so I needed him to tell me Adam would be so so safe and I wouldn't have to worry. Ha. I have always wanted to skydive myself...so, I was very confused with my pregnancy emotions. Al gave me the "you need to let Adam do this, as a guy he is probably so excited to do this, this is something that you don't get to do very often, especially for free! You need to be a supportive wife, Amy." Sweetly, he did express how he knows he "has never been pregnant before so he doesn't know how I'm feeling inside, but I just need to calm down and relax". I think he was so confused by my tears right when I called, the first thing he asked if I had been drinking?! Ha. Um...NO!" Silly Alex.

So, I got over my pregnancy-self...and we bundled up and headed out with the neighbors to be risk-takers. We pulled up to this lovely piece of work and I couldn't help but to be a little confused. This is where this all takes place? My husband will be jumping out of one of these planes and straight up free falling for 30 seconds? Here? Interesting...It's fine. I guess I just didn't picture a skydiving operation like this...but it was good. It was simple. Not over-dramatic. Not over-"done". It was just a lot of men that who had other full-time jobs and this was their passion/hobby on the weekends. A lot of them have done this thousands and thousands of times. It was second nature to them. So, I finally felt confident with them taking my husband/daughter's father up into the sky:)

The boys sat down to watch an instructional "video" and the pregs went to Panera for cinnamon crunch bagels & hazelnut cream cheese (this would be our "thrill of the day").

When we returned they were strapping up and getting ready experience life. 


It was a fun experience to see them trickle down the sky as I tried to think what Adam was thinking at that exact moment. They were so tiny. They were up so high. I was so sure that Adam would either pee his pants or pass out on the way down;) He did perfect! In fact, right when landed he said, "Man, after you have the baby...we should come back here." He also said right when they were about to jump his tandem partner told him they would be doing a couple flips right off the bat...Adam thought he was joking. He wasn't.

So, thanks Andy and Jackie for sharing the love:) An exciting way to spend a Saturday before 11am. 



My friend, Meg Hess-Dudz, tweeted something yesterday that I just had to post. Adam and I had a certain guy in mind. He didn't necessarily win. The election is now over and my Facebook is flooded with annoying status debates. Here' s to the next four years.