Mountain Man, Little Country Boy & Glitter

As I posted earlier, Adam went to Colorado this weekend to visit Joe! They hiked, they ate, and they went to the Coors Factory.

Here are some quick pics from his camera:)

A long time ago I read his bible and left a love note. He found it on the plane back. Ha.
While Adawg was hiking...so was Bruce. We went out to my parent's house for the weekend since Adam was gone and Bruce LOVED it. Jesse (my brother's dog) and him just went all out. It was tricky because my parents don't have a fenced in yard so I just figured Bruce would be fine bc couldn't get too far...right? I mean look at the pork chop! So, I started helping my mom tear down wallpaper in Alex's old room (figured Belle wouldn't appreciate a "spaced theme" room that Al picked out in his elementary years). Every 20-30 minutes I would go down and try to find Bruce. 

The first time I found him following Jesse out of the cornfield across the street. It rained the night before so he was a MESS!!! MESS. mess. I couldn't stop laughing though. This continued until one time I really couldn't find him. I called his name for 30 minutes and had to call my mom to come help. I was so scared I would have to make a phone call to Adam saying I lost Bruce. Ha. Oh man. Luckily, the lost was found. Little brat. From then on mom and I decided we would wash him and make him stay inside. Happy Trails Bruce. You are done.

The second time I called him, he came galloping right through this! AHHHHH!

Right after I found him. Ha. Sometimes his tongue just stays like out like that.

I had a project that I was working on as well on Saturday. Found it on a blog. Surprise surprise, I know. Glitter, Glam, Sparkly, Shiny. I turned some old white Gianni Bini pumps (don't judge, I was in college, every color was amazing) that I haven't worn in years and years into a glitter creation. Hobby Lobby was have 50% off glitter conveniently that day so I picked black as well as a mix of "all the colors ever" (super pretty, I will have to use on a future crafty craft). I ended up using black though, bc I figured if I was going to try and sport these one day, this would be the safest bet. 

Taped off the bottoms.

After first layer of Modge Podge/glitter mix.

After 2 layers. Adam took this. Clearly, I was annoyed about something.

 So, that is that! Not bad I feel. School is starting soon. My craft projects are going to be coming to a quick halt. Bummer. Summer.  

***I'm thankful for my mom, Miss Mary. I got to hang out with her all weekend which doesn't happen often bc, well, I'm married, and bc she's crazy busy woman. So, fun times mom! I'm also thankful for my dad...he always looks out for me...26 years and all. I had a flat tire. He noticed it. Called Lee Sapp. and we got 'er fixed before I came back to Omaha. Hooray for great parents:)


Something Fun & Something Pretty

So, one of my teacher friends at Jumpstart told me what her and her family did for dinner a couple nights back and I thought it sounded funnn. Nothing too special, don't get too excited. But it's simple and easy. So I like it. It's with those new Flatouts, I don't know if you have heard of them? They look like this...

So, she said they each made their own personal pizza and threw them on the grill! Fun...Well, we did most of it...except by the time we got home for dinner we decided to just pop em in the oven.  I realize they don't look like anything special. ha.

 Next time we will grill. But it was yum and pretty healthy:) Not that we are on our "healthy kick" yet? We moved it up to Monday (I think we keep saying we are going to get back at working out and eating food that doesn't have a drive through involved...)!

While we did this, Bruce played with his new favorite toy. Frog. From my mom after Stirrup Days. There is still a string on it from when it was hanging on her Gift Niche float. Nice. Bruce loves Frog. 


On another note, my babe is in Colorado right now. At the moment he is starting a hike up a mountain with his buddy Joe and some other guys. Here is the pic he just sent (Ya gotta love phones technology these days)!

Pretty huh?! (This is my "Something Pretty" I'm referring to in the title) I'm jealous! They will have so much fun. As for Bruce and I, we already got ice cream yesterday...

...and are heading to Ashland today to help Miss Mary prepare for Belle, my parent's new foreign exchange student from Norway.  She will be here in the middle of August! If she is anything like their last student Philipp (from Germany) this should be good!

**I'm thankful for my cousin Abbi. I started talking to her when I was at Von Maur yesterday, continued while driving to Village Pointe to browse DWS, Gap, and Jcrew (to which I didn't buy anything thanks to her- really, thanks. Adam will be glad), and then came home and let out Bruce all while still on the phone with her! Ha. Love her so much and she has such great advice and thoughts and everything:) So, thanks Abs! Sorry to keep ya from your fam for so long! Ha. - Amyluia:) (cue Ryan)


Jesus & Sunday

Hey peeps! So here are some pics of Sunday from Robin and Tom's grill out! Before that though, I want to post up the message that Adam and I heard on Sunday. Gavin is the college pastor at Christ Community and he does a great job with his sermons! I thought this was a super good one on Jesus. If you have 30- 40 minutes check it out! Maybe even just bring it up while you surf the web...and listen:) He has some good stats and thoughts around 13:30 and around 31 minutes as well. Adam challenges me a lot in doing things that I would consider "not necessary" to do as a follower of God. and to be honest it freaks me out a lot of the times. I'm not used to fully and completely giving myself to God and relying on Him all the time. I mean a lot of us Christians say that we do...but do we? It really hit home with me when Gavin talked about Christians doing things that look "insane" to the rest of the world. But then he quoted John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest." I think a lot of times I think that some of the things God may want me to do are not things that will make me the happiest. I forget that, like Gavin mentioned, He made the ENTIRE universe! How dare I say that he doesn't know what is best for my life? He knows what will make me the happiest. It might be hard. And it might sound crazy. And it might not be "accepted" by the world. But I'm slowing but surely starting to realize that that is okay. 

So, click below! Now you have to go on the 7.24.11 date. Do it, do it, do it!

Isn't this little pond/tree oasis beautiful?... they have in their front yard?! It's so green and pretty! I love it!


Stirrup Days

So, we got back from Jord and Mike's party and were suppose to run in a 5k the next morning at 7am in Ashland. Nice. We were not prepared for this at all. Agh. We thought we'd give it a go though so Adam put a pot of pasta on the stove and we had a little late night carb session at 11:30pm. Ridiculous. We had the alarm set for 5:30 am. yuck. and of course snoozed til 5:50, packed Brucey Boy up and left by 6. The race was not fun. Humid and Blah. Adam improved his last year time someway somehow and I my time went up. Ha. I started running with Megs...and ended up crossing the finish line with Boss (luckily I found him on the last mile and asked if he would run with me the rest of the way, luckily he is a good brother and said yes, otherwise I might have had to start walking...I know I know, 3 miles, pull it together Amy)!

Megs ended up getting 2nd place! Woot woot! And I actually won a free massage! Ha. Love that!

After the 5k we headed to G&G Sapps (our "go to" spot for the entire day) to hang out and have breakfast before the parade. Bruce enjoyed some parts...the horses were obviously a favorite for him.

Miss Mary on her Gift Niche float. celebrating 20 years. Ha


Later on that day Mom wrangled us all up to help set up a small carnival and help with the frog jumping contest that the GN puts on (I made shirts last year for this...ha...bc Miss Mary requested it- impressed? I know, good huh?! Adam's is totally crooked). I also made Adam stop by the "Cupcake Clash"...(like Cupcake Wars on TV...)...and dad came with us to get some root beer floats. Good stuff.

Sometimes the frogs wouldn't jump. They took a little nudging. Aw..Adam is so great.

Max's face is priceless!
Aunt Nancy was watching Max and brought him down. Ha. Isn't this pic so cute of him?! Adam and I were about to head home...but then grandpa had a couple sermons that he wanted us to listen to...and homemade ice cream he wanted to treat us to:)

It was a busy day. Busy busy. I loved it. It was so much fun hanging out with the fam! And today we are heading out to Adam's parents after church for a grill out. I tell ya, summer is just plain fun. Plain fun. Yep.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

So Jordan and Mike had the most uhhhmazing engagement party Friday night. I mean when you show up to a house for the party and there is valet parking you automatically feel underdressed- no matter what you are wearing. Ha. When we walked in Adam thought we were in a hotel. The backyard was even better! Super niceeee. Super fun. Anyways, we had fun celebrating with Mike & Jordie!

This is where we would have breakfast we thought.


Jordie designed/decorated this kitchen area:)

My husband is sooooo cute, isn't he?! Precious thing.

"Tropical Tree Balls" - Kara

The party theme was "wild"...So, Kara thought my title of this blog should be "Birds of a Feather Flock Together"...plus the bird cookies were cute and fun and we liked them. 

Mike & Jord are getting married August 26! Coming up soon and we are so excited for you guys! 

**Adam and I left the party and decided to think of the reasons we liked our little bungalow of a house. ha. Only thought it was appropriate. We were laughing saying we couldn't tell a million dollar house from a five million dollar house. Good thing we don't have that problem;) Be thankful for all things God has blessed you with. Big or small. Good or bad.