My Dad

My dad is the most amazing dad in this world. 

My dad gets home from the field at 11, and will still change my oil before I have to leave for Kansas the next morning. 

My dad sometimes tries to talk in Chinese and it makes the whole family laugh.

My dad and I have the same temper.

My dad used to give my brothers and I all the change from his coin carrier when it got full. We felt like we won the lottery if it was our turn to rake in the winnings.

My dad went outside to fix the satellite the other night because the Justin Bieber special was breaking up and it was stressing me out. 

My dad has tithed practically every Sunday since we were little. Showing us that our money is not ours. 

My dad built a goal post for my brother outta scratch when we were younger and it's still standing.

My dad isn't a big fan of our cabin (because he just works the whole time he's down there), but goes with us every time we want to go.

My dad and I used to watch Top Gun an unhealthy amount.

My dad built a walkway for my mom because she hated getting rained on when coming from the garage to the house. 

My dad tries to teach me stuff all the time, even if he knows I'm not quite 100% paying attention. This is how you wash your car. This is how you drive car. This is how you mow our lawn. This is how you paint a room. This is what you do if ___ should happen. This is what you shouldn't do.

My dad is really good at doing long math equations in his head. Really good.

My dad rocks at farming. 

My dad hardly ever works on Sundays so he can be with us. 

I love my dad.

Happy late Father's Day!


Fun Things

I've been busy which has been superrrr good for me this week. I'm in a "feeling better about Kansas" stage now. So, that's fun. 

This week I went back to NE for a couple of nights and chatted with friends and crafted with family.

Brunch on a boat Thursday morning.

Pedicures are serious business for Kansas teachers apparently. Check out that fancy schmancy goodness.

Adam and I decided to go on a quick Saturday trip to KC and back. It was perfect. We pandora'ed 90's music on the way down, we ate pear & gorgonzola pizza (which was "our thing" before CPK left Omaha and left us both empty inside), we stopped by a cupcake place that I spotted, umm....stopped at MADEWELL, enough said. And went to the Cardinals/ Royals game. It started off a bit chilly and ended up being 97 degrees. We didn't even sit in our cheap seats as we thought standing by the fountains trumped them. It did.

It was a happy week. Good for it.


Coffee Date?

If you were to come over for coffee...

I would tell you that this "moving to Wichita" business is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. 

I would tell you that I've been trying to keep myself motivated to "do something" but end up in my bed dazing off at the tv for half of the day.

I would tell you that I cry daily.

I would tell you that our mailman comes at 4pm. 

I would tell you that Adam is the best husband on this planet....and I don't know how he puts up with me.

I would tell you that I just downloaded "The Fighter" by Gym Class Heroes and it is on repeat to inspire me to pull it together...even though being in a boxing ring doesn't really apply to my actual situation...that's okay. Symbolism, right?

I would tell you that I went to the YMCA today and did "Body Blitz".... can I meet friends here? Hmm...

I would tell you that Adam's new friend, Brian, from work is coming over to grill out today. That's fun! Brian has long hair and that's fun too.

I would tell you that I don't remember the last summer that I have not worked. This is for a reason. I go crazy when I'm not doing something productive for two months. 

I would tell you that I just signed up to get Adam and I in a bible study. Pray that we find a good group. We miss our group back home. 

I would tell you that I want to go back to Nebraska every weekend. 

I would tell you that moving to Wichita makes me want to move to the country for some reason. 

I would tell you that I decided this week to go somewhere new on my bike every week. Yesterday I went to Dillon's (grocery store) and balanced chocolate chips and flour on the way home. Tricky stuff.  

I would tell you that everything will be fine. Everything is fine. Give thanks in all circumstances, right? I thanked God for the breeze yesterday. I don't think I've ever done that. So, we are making steps. 

Bri & Brian

One of my besties got married this last weekend. Breezer Bri! The weather was perfect, the ceremony was perfect, and they had a clever little title to their wedding video "Cute as Hell"....(Because when they first met Bri straight up told Brian she liked his dimples and he said "Well, I think you're cute as hell.") Haha. Loves. Hooray!

Guess who's back? Back from Cali!!!

Jen, you are funny.

The newly engaged couple!

Congrats again Mr. & Mrs.Wilkins! You guys are the cutest. I'm jealous that you are honeymooning at the moment while I am writing this post;)



Hue Snooze, Hue Lose

Jen and I flew up to Chicago this weekend to hangout with my cous and color run. The run was specta"color"...yep. It's a 5k...although, we don't know if it was the true 5 kilometers. There are stations throughout the run where you run through clouds of color. Volunteers are there with a colored powder and throw it in every which way. It was amazing.

On Sunday we went and hung out with the Wayne and Suz and the Ecc family. I finally got to see and hold Miss Crosbi! Precious little thing.

Griff wanted a pic;)

And then headed back to Kansas to be with my husband again!