My husband.

So Adam told me like two weeks ago he had a "surprise" for me...so every day since, I have been asking him about my "surprise"... I loveeee surprises, but hate waiting. Like any normal person. 

Yesterday he emailed me and told me that he left out clothes for me and I needed to shower and get ready downstairs and COULD NOT go up to our room. hmmmm....Okay, so I did. We went out to dinner, read a nice card he gave me, ate this triple chocolate dessert that hypnotized me completely, 100%...all while anticipating our return so I could see what the heck was in our room!?! TELLLLL ME!!!

Well....I have been complaining daily about how bad my back hurts...and always need a massage. Ha. He usually tells me he will give me a massage while we are watching tv and that lasts 10 minutes give or take. I wanted a real massage (is what I tell him)! andddd so he decided to purchase a massage table! ha. This is so funny and so cute I almost died when I went upstairs and saw candles everywhere, a robe hanging up, and the massage table shoved tightly between our bed and dresser. He even designed a little "form" for me to fill out and return to him before the timed massage started. Ha.

I also told him a couple days before that I wanted him to sing the song that he sang at our wedding again...I missed it...and wanted it...so before the massage he played the sweet song as tears ran down my cheeks thinking I would move anywhere for the guy...(don't tell him that though....). He is so great. I felt like I was in a movie. I'm writing about this just so I can remember...you know, like if I drift away like the lady in the Notebook...I will "read my entries" to bring my life back....;) 

Anyways, that's that. I married a good man. Thanks God.

Celebrating Baby Anderson!

This past weekend we were super excited to celebrate Baby Anderson with family and friends!  We were thrilled to come back and had so much fun!

Adam's mom threw us a couple's shower on Saturday! For one, this cake below was the best thing ever. For two, Liane threw some pretty rad quick baby shower games. For three, Robin & Evelina did a fantastic job of putting the whole shindig together! Thanks!

My friends also threw me a party! I was awaiting the whole week to see all of my girlfriends from high school, college, and bible study...all in one place! Happiness! I am so lucky to have such greattttt friends that I love to spend time with! Moving away has made me realize how much I just appreciate all the simple times with them!


Pumpkins & People

This weekend we had some of our bible study friends come over to our house to carve pumpkins.  Fun!



I will be the first to admit that I am not a big "cooker"... I would wayyy rather bake some delicioso chocolate chip cookies or throw a cake in the oven the spend my time with "real" food-food with nutrients and such. However, this isn't super ideal for Adam. Apparently once Adam asked if I could make dinner and my response was, "I'll tell ya what? I'll do ya one better...I make some brownies!" ha. I don't remember this...but I don't doubt the cold truth that comes out of it. 

I would much rather come home and eat sugary cereals for dinner than "prepare a meal"...(I know, this makes me look like a gem, a real keeper).

So, I ordered a book to inspire me to cook...not for the good of me becoming better in the kitchen. For my dearest Adam. And probably my future little ones/family.  Right?  My goal is to make 2 meals a week. Ha. I know, many of you are chuckling to yourselves. But I get overwhelmed by nightly "actual meals". 2 is a good starting point. Judge. I'm fine with it.

So this book recommended to have like a "dinner journal" so you can go back and see the different things you made...and either liked or didn't like...

So, hopefully I can keep with this! Above are some of the dinners that I captured. I may need some prayers to keep this going... 

*Also, the Cardinals played in the first round of the playoffs last night...and were losing the ENTIRE game- it basically started out 0-6. They made some major plays when it was 9th inning, two outs, two strikes...down by two points...and they came back and WON it!!! Adam was freaking out, jumping around the entire house. I wish I would have recorded it. So, they are moving onto the next round with the final four:) 


I think I need to write a few things about pregnancy...(maybe just to remind myself how this one went)...

- No particular cravings. Anything sugary. But I think that is just my normal self...I might "let" myself indulge more and blame it on me being pregnant. Hm.  Questionable character Amy? I realize this.

- I hate the smell of broccoli and brussels sprouts. I could puke. But don't.

- Which brings up the happy note that I haven't thrown up yet:) 

- My first trimester was all a blur because of the move. I just know I wasn't in a super happy place. That's okay. I'm feeling much better...whether it was the pregnancy or moving or a bit of both. We are trucking along here in Kansas (with a much better attitude). 

- Let's see...I think around 20 weeks is when I started doing the "hairband" trick for my pants. 

- I'm almost 25 weeks and feel like I am now growing at a rapid rate. Purchasing long tanks and extra leggings are my thing.

- I'm trying to drink water like crazy...but then end up having to pee every 30 minutes. Which is starting to get in the way of me teaching. 

- What they say about emotions is true. Adam either thinks I'm the most compassionate creature on this earth or that I need to be checked into a mental institution. A couple of weeks ago I was laughing super hard, and ten seconds later I started bawling...? No reason.  It scared me slightly. 

- Apparently, I don't think I need to go to the gym. Before I was pregnant I always said "I'm going to try and at least power walk or do something for 45 minutes a day (because I heard in one of my high school classes that that cuts down labor time)"...I'm lucky if I do 45 minutes of cardio in a week. Psh. I guess I'm welcoming in labor with open arms. 

- Labor...which brings me to the fact that I hope Adam doesn't pass out when baby girl is entering this world. He "doesn't do well with blood" he says...I'mmm pretty sure I "don't do well with having a baby come out of me".... so he better lock it up...or I'm sure "mental" Amy will be waiting;)

Okay. That's my thoughts for now. I think I've had it pretty good so far. It's kinda fun to see my belly grow and feel the kicks of miss baby a!



When Adam Comes to School....

So I always try to have Adam meet my students and my students meet Adam at least once during the school year. He came up last Friday over lunch (the kids had lunch in the classroom- such a treatttt) and the most important question asked was "can you draw a panda in less than a minute"....

So he did. And we celebrated with M&M's and Snickers.