Ollie @ 6 Months

Ollie! You are 6 months old today! Half a year sweet girl! This last month you have really come "alive" in everything you do! Everyday I tell Adam that I don't deserve such a sweet, funny girl! You have been learning how to sit up on your own (granted, we always have to be right there because you haven't quite mastered the skill, but you sure are close!).  You "chirp" all the time like a little bird. Your great grandpa Sapp thinks you are going to be a talker! Ha. We noticed you have a little birthmark on your right hand and an even smaller birthmark on your right leg!  You get your hands/arms moving a lot when you are excited, it almost looks like you are a little swimmer out of water. It will be fun to see which activities you like in the future! You just started jumping a lot in your jumper! It's the cutest thing ever. I swear. I think I have recorded you jumping away 20 million times. And you love dancing with me! ha. Your dad just gets a kick outta it. You just smile smile smile! Also, like your dad, you tend to sneeze in the sun.

You still aren't sleeping in long increments through the night. We know our neighbor Luke (who is a month older) sleeps basically 7-7. Ha. You are no Luke when it comes to your sleep routine. But You are starting to always get tired around 7:30 at night...sometimes you will sleep til midnight (maybe longer) and other times you will wake up in an hour, ready to party.

You don't have your 6 month appointment until a week or two...so mom thought it would be okay to start pureeing some veggies for you and freezing them! You tried zucchini last night and it didn't seem to phase you. Didn't impress you too much, but you ate it. Ha. It is messy messy to feed you. Your arms are always wailing all over the place.

I start back teaching on Tuesday:( I'm a little nervous, not for you, I think you will do great at daycare...more for me. But hopefully, it is a smooth transition for all and we get into a little routine since this summer has been a busy and "non-routine" time. 

You had two big accomplishments this month when it comes to traveling. You rode on your first plane to Chicago and I took you by myself to Nebraska. I was soooo nervous about me driving 4.5 hours with you solo, I had knots the whole day!  We left at 8:30 pm and drove through the night so you would be more likely to sleep. On the way to NE you cried and cried for the first 45 minutes (there was a moment where I started crying and called your dad and grandma- ha, I know, "very dramatic mom")...but then you slept the rest of the trip! And on the way back to KS Sunday night you slept the ENTIRE way! I was soooo excited and proud of you! I think we exhausted you that weekend and you were ready for a long sleep;)

*Anddd very important ;) .... The Royal Baby George also came this month! I wanted to note that because you and I have been keeping up with all of that on the morning shows:)

Lots of updates!

 We love you so much Ol! Just can't get enough of ya!


We just Travel.

In July we had things we were traveling for constantly. So here are a bit of the last two weeks! I had my high school 10 year, my mom got "Stirrup Queen" for Ashland, Ol helped with the frog jumping contest this year, we had a bridal shower for Brittany, Troy & Kristi got married, happy hours, and stuff just all happened. Some went as planned, some definitely did not. Ha. But we have memories from all of them. School starts back up next week and while I'm not looking forward to being away from my baby all day, I am excited to get into a bit of routine. I feel like right now our weekdays are our weekends. Constantly on the move. But I will say, Ollie seems to thrive in busy chaos! 


Michigan. Chicago. & Cousins.

Months & months ago I found out that Southwest Airlines was coming to Wichita...and were having a special on trips to Chicagoland! So, my pregnant self thought "Why, what a fun first trip for our new lil' babe...a trip to see the cousins!"... We booked tickets and now the trip is already over! I thought that I would need as much baby advice as I could get from my wise older cous Abs...and I sure was right! This trip was not only fun, but also, a little learning experience for this new mama! Sometimes I find myself exhausted and beat with our one little Ol....and then I observed daily life for the Eccs and their three munchins! I don't know how she does it (& you too Ry). Really. Super woman. 

Anyways, Adam and I both had a good share of anxiety about Ol's first plane ride. I knew that if she could sleep, we would be happy happy parents. But I also knew, if she was in "a mood" I may just think twice about having more children;) We were not really worried about us. We were worried about the poor passengers on our flights. I even read that I should bring treats for those around the approximate proximity of a crying baby to brighten their annoyed spirits...so the night before I stayed up making and bagging chocolate chip cookies to help ease my mind. A little overkill? Perhaps. I prayed many a prayers the night before and there was a miracle that day warm Thursday morning...Ollie-pop was perfect on that flight! Adam and I were sooooo happy! Thanks you Jesus and thank you Ollie.

Ol's first flight!
Ol held my "O" necklace the while sleeping the whole flight. Heart melted.

Sweet Aunt Suz picked us up from the airport and drove us to Michigan to begin the vaca! We love going to their lake house and were so excited to have a little R&R! We hung out at the beach, attended Farmer's Markets, bopped in cutesy stores in small towns near New Buffalo,  ate out, dined in, and got some quality cousin time in. It was so fun to see how all the little ones interacted with each other! Even little Cros noticed how "baby-ish" Ollie was and was intrigued. Cute stuff, I tell ya. 

There was one night when Adam and I went on a walk to try to get Ol to fall asleep in her carrier. We kept making sounds and faces at her and she laughed and laughed. She giggled more than she ever has before! We heard once that if baby giggles could be bottle up, they would be the most effective anti-depressant! ha. So true! Adorableness was happening at its max. Adam told me later in the trip that he would never forget that moment. Just walking on the streets surrounded by gorgeous trees on one side and Lake Michigan on the other hearing our baby girl giggle away. Precious sweetness. 

The Stray Dog.

Shauna's Farmer's Market in South Haven!

I love Al.

After a few days in Michigan we drove downtown Chicago to meet up with Mols and J and see Ali's new apartment and area! I was a little nervous about Ol in the city but she and the rest of the kid crew did so great! **If this trip taught me anything, it taught me to just relax and babies can do more than you think. It just takes a little more work on your part. Adam and I were talking on the way back how impressed we were with Ollie! If we just keep her busy busy she keeps up and naps well! 

I love this pic!

We drove by J's restaurant! He may or may not have been embarrassed by the minivan pulling up yelling hi and taking pics :/

The last leg of our trip was to Ab and Ryan's house in the suburbs! They just bought a new place and I was just dying to see it since I have heard lots of fun things about it! It was great to just relax at their darling house and "be moms" together. I learned lots of tips and ideas from that great cousin of mine (thanks Abs)! The "Lucilles" had fun, I'm sure. 

Ollie Lucille & Crosbi Lucille.

Cake in "the morning"...

The Lucilles Matching. We just had to.

On Monday afternoon we packed up and headed back to the airport for our flight back to Kansas. We were feeling good. Ol flew great on the way in...she will be fine. Well, our flight got delayed a good five or six times and we didn't end up flying out til MIDNIGHT! This put a little stress on us and poor Ol. She couldn't fall asleep and nothing is worse than a tired babe that can't sleep. At one point in the night I remember trying to walk up and down the side section of our terminal to calm Ollie down, while playing baby praise hymns from cousin Emily on my phone. A few people were there when Ol and I arrived the scene...and by the time I called Adam in for assistance, the people had all left. Ha. She got so worked up she puked more than she ever has puked before...through the nose and everything, poor girl...right down the center of my dress. We had 3 outfit changes that night.  3 outfits changes in 4 hours isn't a great thing unless you are Taylor Swift performing. So we got through a rough patch, boarded the plane, and luckily she fell asleep for the flight. Better the screaming in the airport then the plane. We will take it.

Before all the delays...;)

I'm so thankful for my family! They seriously are the best ever. Thumbs up Chicago clan! We had so much fun with y'all!