So sometimes I make people craft with me.

 Exhibit A. Jen and I made these crafty little necklaces.

Exhibit B. Jen, Meg and I crafted pizza at Meg's house. 

Exhibit C. Wife class whipped up these flower decorations.  Mine is a magnet for the classroom. Ya diggin? How can you not?


Now off to start packing up my life. Hmm....with no boxes...I feel like this isn't going anywhere fast.

Grandpa Turns 80!

We dedicated this last weekend to celebrating my Grandpa Sapp's 80th! Sapp Bros. put on a party for him Friday and Saturday we had a smaller family night where each child/grandchild wrote grandpa a card and set up a "date" to spend some quality time with him! These Aunts of mine are always thinking!

Cousin Andy giving his speech...

Gpa talking to us about God. 
Grandpa has taught us many things. Amazing guy. It was fun to be able to share in some of his past memories this weekend while making new ones. HBD Gramps!



Yep. It's true. Adam got a job offer at Gardner Design,  his dream job. He loves the work they do and is super excited to join their team!  

Everything happened so fast, honestly. We drove down to interview two weeks ago, explored the city quick, stayed the night, and came back the next day. For the last two weeks you could say that I may have been on one big emotional roller coaster. Crying one minute. excited the next. and crying the next. But I think that's okay. I'm okay with my tears. It will just take a little time! I am looking forward to this new "chapter" in my life with Adam. Just the two of us, hardly knowing a soul, moving 5 hours away, and doing life. 

Adam told the church last week and I wrote my letter of resignation to Elkhorn:( We are both super bummed about leaving our coworkers, friends, and family obviously. It's not fun to tell the people you love that there might be a chance you are leaving town for awhile. However, fortunately everybody that we have talked to is very encouraging and behind us 100%! We think this is the perfect time to try something new! 

I have been applying and applying for jobs and am in the process of getting my teaching license in Kansas. Stressed. I've been so stressed. So, I'm praying that everything will work out in the "Amy getting a job" department.  The people at Gardner we met the day we went to interview seem down-to-earth and were very welcoming- it will be awesome to get to know them better. 

Let's see...what else... Adam starts May 7. We are going to move down a couple of days before and then I will be coming back to finish off the year at Fire Ridge.  We just found a cute little house to rent and are both sooooo excited to move into an actual house and make it our own! We will have a yard and everything....no dishwasher (which I'm not jumping for joy about)...but a yard! Bruce will hardly be able to contain himself. Plus, the house is located close to Gardner so Adam will be able to bike to work here and there! He is loving that thought. 

So yeah! That's the update! Pleaseeee come visit us if you would like! I will be itching to entertain friends with all the places Wichita has to offer! 



Be Still

I have been listening to this song nonstop. Click here for a video that shows this girl (#loveherwork) do her thing.  This song provides the calm to my storms. God is always good.



...was the time our first softball game of the season STARTED!!!! Adam and I tend to go to bed around that time (pathetic as it may be). However, I'm currently hyped up on adrenaline because both times I was up to bat, I hit...and made it to base!!! That's right, yours truly, the girl that is known for striking out. Adam did alright. Homerun the first up to bat. Must be rough to be a natural athlete. Hmm. That's that. I laughed a lot tonight. It was fun. Go team. 



Crosbi Lucille!!!

My cousin, Abbi, just had a baby girl!!! OOhhh...I'm so very excited to watch this little one grow! She will have two big brothers to protect her through life:) Congrats Abs & Ryan! I can't wait to meet Miss Crosbi! Look at those cheeks!


Poor guy is struggling. I almost cried when the vet brought Bruce out after the surgery (I've come far, huh? From the girl who didn't like animals to crying about one). He was shaking and in panic mode and what was a girl suppose to do? 

His eyelashes are back in the right direction now (almost looks like pretty boy has some eyeliner and mascara on...huh) and they did three surgeries back around his throat so he could breathe better. 

I don't think he likes us much at the moment.

This pics are a lii...ttle scary. We know. And we apologize.

We had to carry him up and down the stairs the first night...


Eye'm sorry Bruce...

...you will be having eye surgery tomorrow.

 His eyelashes are growing in towards his eye instead of out! Agh! We were debating spending $$$ on it, but he is only a little over a year...so we decided to do it. Good luck to B. And good luck to our checking account.


Rise & Shine, Easter Time

Adam and I had a nice day. Nice weather. Nice families.

Bros Jammin.

Balloon Bubble Thingys...kept us kids occupied for at least 30 minutes.

Paper Planes.

Miss Mary got each "couple" matching shirts. We were orange.
Nice song on a nice day for an even better God. This song is simple and sweet. Listen and then...listen again. 


Spring Break 2012

Speeding Ticket & Dentist.

This doesn't really stack up to Panama City Beach in college.


I Have to Post This Now!

My students have been super great today...little angels...it's rare...so, I showed them this before they headed off to PE...I told them that Adam and I just think this is so funny. Adam actually thinks this is how my friend Jen and I dance- be it as it may- it's pure bliss. Meet Happiness. 

These were the responses I got. I was shocked. 

"Wow. She is an expert dancer. She is working so hard."

"It must take a long time to memorize that routine."

and my favorite...a girl told me this on the way to PE..."I want to be like her when I grow up."

Haha...I should get her to come perform for my classroom. I would for sure be #1 teacher. She is their hero. And I mean, why not? She's got moves!

Happy Monday. 



On Monday Adam mentioned going to the zoo. So, we got up Saturday, I ate the delicious "healthy, but not-so-healthy" version of Smacks from our Whole Foods visit, we went on our usual "meet you in the middle" run at lake z, made the spinach/feta pizza from our Whole Foods visit, and then took off for the zoo. Now...I'm not much of a zoo fan to be honest (I think this all stems back from Miss Mary making me "show sheep" in 4H. I was more of the "crafts and making chocolate chip banana bread" kinda girl..). But I did think it would be fun to just go with Adam. I've always had to haul around kids whenever I went, and had never went with just adults. So, I put a smile on my face and kept it there most of the trip;)

Adam's Fish Face.

Such a lovely pose. Ha. This is just weird. And you may make fun. I did.

Adam loves those gorillas.

"No more bearded Adam" Face.

We thought Bruce and this bat would be friends.

And that's us at the zoo!

We looked around downtown and went to eat at Midtown Crossing after that. Neither of us had ever ate there or explored the area yet and we thought it was an "obligation" since we lived in Omaha. Cute place, that Midtown. Cute husband, that husband. He is just precious and I am oh-so-inloveeeeee.