Husbands Invited

So "Wife Class" had a potluck. 

That's a funny sentence. 

And I would've never guessed that I would have written it. But basically we had the husbands all join us for a delicious Monday night meal. So, that was fun.

Thanks Lori...for not only helping us pose like this...but also having us over every Monday to help us learn how to be a Godly wife:) I'm excited for "apples & gold"- they are both things that I like (maybe gold a little more than apples...but I feel like all girls would agree).



Today we got together with the family and celebrated Thanksgiving, babies, and my Aunt Nancy's 55th birthday! Fun. My cousin, Abbi, has two adorable boys and a little girl on the way...so the aunts and family are loving it! My "third" cousin Emily is the cutest thing ever and they aren't finding out until their little one comes this spring:)

Adam and I are now eating ramen noodles and chocolate covered raisins. Good times.


Thanksgiving Time

Happy Thanksgiving! To start off, here is a little question from my classroom... Each student had a letter and wrote what they were thankful for in the letter...Impressive, huh. They are cute.

Yesterday we headed up to Lincoln to spend Thanksgiving with Adam's fam! Had a delicious meal and hung outside a lot since it was beautiful! Took the camera out for fun and here is what we came up with...Some inspiring shots. I know.

And this morning Jen and I went up to meet with Megan (because she was back from DC) for the game! And Bri was there as well...so yeah, I'm lucky. My friends awesomely rock.

All the Stuff Lately.


I Need To Tell You Again....

...to read the hunger games series if you haven't!!!! March 23 people!

Here is the new trailer! 



Holiday Loungewear.

Bruce keeping up with the latest fashion in his cozy, cranberry sleeper printed with an array of dancing snowflakes...He will be waltzing into the Christmas season.

*and yes I know....I used to be annoyed at those who dressed up their pets...and now I am one of them...but it is just so funnyyyyy!

Baby Jack!

So....one of my best friends just had a baby!!! Chris and Amanda now have a little Jackson! He is gorgeous! Adam and I went to see him the day after he was born! He's the youngest baby I've ever held since my brothers I think! Aw....so exciting! Congrats!

Fall Retreat

Last weekend Adam and I spent a weekend with 200 high schoolers (I know people are jealous). Friday we jumped on a bus and drove 4 1/2 hours to get to a little place in Maxwell, Ne...Maranatha Bible Camp.  Adam and I always have mixed feelings about this weekend of "fun"...:) Staying up til 2 and getting up early is not our typical weekend. But we were very excited because the majority of our small groups were all going! Plus, my parent's foreign exchange student, Belle, decided to try and take it all in as well:) 

The theme for the weekend was "Shaped". Basically, how we are clay in the Potter's hands. The Potter being God. Letting God take over our life and "let His will be done"...We worshiped, we listened, we drank coffee, we laughed, we talked, we cried, we danced, we watched as Nick (in Adam's group) stood on the chairs during meal times and challenged others (while he himself participating) to do ridiculously gross things like soak somebody's sock in milk and drink the squeezed portion, devour a dollar bill, down cinnamon, consume hand sanitizer (and that was someone our age...hmm..Matt?)...and the list goes on. Totally disgusting, but I will admit I was entertained beyond belief. We went on a Wal-Mart Invasion where the kids brought $10 each and we pooled it all together and picked out clothes, food, diapers, laundry detergent, etc. for a particular family and then got to deliver it. My group of girls cared so much. Some of them gave more money just so they knew that a child wouldn't be going to school without a winter coat this winter...It made me so happy to see them desiring to help so much!

One of the biggest challenges for my group was....our room. On Friday night around midnight we grab our luggage, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. and took the trip to find our cabin in pitch dark. We would go the wrong way. Stop. Put everything down. Wait. I don't know what for...And then pick up our stuff and try again. Finally, we found our cabin...exhausted, mind you...and walk into this itty bitty room...for EIGHT of us! We all just sat and were confused. :) But it ended up fine. We just had a lot of close bonding time:) Basically, since I had to get up earlier...I would just literally roll over on Taylor since she was in a cot basically touching my bottom bunk, and then slither down to a space where I could stand. Hmm.

Me=polka dot pillow...Taylor=right there. Ang-right there. Belle=right there. Sleep Tight.

 All in all it was a great weekend. Adam and I sleep for pretty much 12 hours straight Tuesday night to regain what we had lost. Not only did this weekend challenge the students, but it also challenge me as well. God knows what He is doing. We need to just rely on Him and trust He knows what is best. The life we live is basically a blink in all reality. Think about that.

 “But now, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; and all we are the work of Your hand.” -Isaiah 64:8