Here are some quick pictures of our July! We are keeping very busy and the summer is dwindling down- school starts in one week from today. Sad...It always takes me awhile to adjust to change! So, new daycare, new job, leaving Ol...August will be month! I'm excited to teach 5th grade at the school I grew up in though! How fun!? I'm sure there will be Ollie pics plastered all around my desk area to help me get through the day without my lil buddy! 

Tired Baby.

My cute lunch date.

Swimming with Harper and Eli!

Ashland Stirrup Days with Grandma. Yee Haw!

5k with part of the fam.

1st Kiddie Parade with Claire and Cooper!

Ollie cried the whole ten minutes. ugh. She loved it the day before while practicing!

Frog Jumping contest.

Ollie was runner-up for the small toad division. Ha!

Claire got runner up in another division! These two.

Snow cone.

Ol's very into her "babies" at the moment.

Picking corn with Richard's crew!

My coffee date telling me a story.


My girl, Ali, got hitched!

My cousin/bestie got married over the 4th of July weekend this year. July 5! The wedding was held in a gorgeous vineyard in Michigan. The Richards have a lakehouse in Michigan so we have been vaca-ing there for years and were so excited to see Ali and Brian tie the knot in this very state! They had a plethora of fun events to attend and participate in. My mom, sister-in-laws, Aunt Nancy, Ollie, and I left on a Thursday morning and flew to Chicago then took the 2 hour drive up to Grand Beach! Ollie did pretty good traveling. Yay! The pilot on our flight had some wit to his announcements..."And if you are flying with children, which I don't know why anyone would..." :) ha. I agree. Stressful moments. I traded in my listening to music or reading on flights for high blood pressure and anxiety. Fun.

We spent the weekend with family and friends. Delightful, it was. The rehearsal dinner kept up entertained with people throwing out "roasts and toasts" to the bride and groom. My brothers and cousins and Adam and I stayed out late just talking on the patio of bar. Just going from deep conversations to jokes and laughter. Aunt Nancy even picked us up for a good ol' McDonalds run on the way home!

The wedding day was perfect. Great weather. Perfect venue. The night went by so quickly. I felt like I was hoppin' around chatting with everyone...then dancing...then it was over! Like that! I felt like 5 hours went by in 5 minutes!

Thanks for letting me a part of your beautiful day Ali and Brain! Ali, you can keep stealing my clothes when you miss me. Brian, that would be weird. But I am excited to get to know you throughout the years! Love you! Cheers!

Fast...but slow...?

This summer is just crazy! Some days I feel like it is going by in a quick paced whirlwind of big events that happen and then are just done like that! Then, other days are just creepin' by, due to our house remodel! I hate to want the days to pass, and I know that I will regret even thinking those thoughts once school starts. Adam and I are just so excited to move into our house TOGETHER. He has been working weeks in Wichita, and I have been here waiting for different workers to come in and out of my kitchen to make magic happen. We are getting close! I'm hoping, for a couple of weeks at the end of July to get a routine and schedule together so Ollie doesn't panic when daycare starts:/ Hmm...daycare...I'm already feeling sick about:( Poor Adam will have to drop her off. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would be sobbing all the way to school. He can just sob ten minutes back to our house;)

Here are some pics of our life this summer! Ollie has been making us laugh and pull our hair out at the same time. Right now, she is loving "sing-songy" shows...Wee Sing, Barney, you know, the stuff that I grew up with and my mom pulled out! She will dance and start to do actions with the songs. It's too adorable. Head, shoulders, knees and toes is the cutest 30 seconds you will ever experience in your life. Today I put a cd in the car that had 72 kid favorites on it. Before I put it in I realized I would probably have to keep it in for a few...years...I may have clenched my teeth and debated throwing the cd out the window...but I took a deep breath, pushed play, and started singing "The itnsey weensy spider". 

Painting....with a toddler...fun.

A little wine gathering in Ashland:)

Ollie inspecting our cabinets.

A lil Gardner BBQ!

Queen Abbi.

Al's Bach in the Windy City.

Dellrose Crew! Miss them already!

Ain't no party like a Gardner Pool Party.

She loves water! Splash pads, lakes, water tables, hoses, anything with water, she becomes attached in a split second. She loves the word "NO" and uses it quite often. She likes getting her toenails painted by yours truly. Ketchup is her new thing. Yesterday, she dipped her strawberries in it. Mmmm. 

It's mid-July and we just got our internet working at the house! Step by step. But hooray for summer time! and hooray for Friday, when my husband will be home!