He is Twenty-Nine.

Adam turned 29 this month! Gesh! One year away from the big 3-0! Scary! September has been a crazy month for us...the traveling to NE has slowed down a lot, but work and life has us both super busy! Our little celebration for Adam (with the three of us) consisted of take-out and him working a late night. Ha. But that's okay! We were happy to relax for a bit! 

Adam, I won't get too mushy...because frankly, I'm too tired, and I think you would be too tired to read into it all;) But this last year has been a whirlwind for us! I cannot imagine a better dad for Ollie and husband for me! You are very patient with both of us girls! I love seeing this "dad" side of you! Being silly has come to a new level for you with Ollie girl around and I love it! Seeing you jump around the house and acting like a robot to try and get her to smile just kills me! Thanks so much for loving us the way you do. We are so dang thankful for you!


Ollie @ 7 months

Miss Ol, it just seems like yesterday that I was writing your 6 month! Gesh! We have been busy and you have been growing! You are 7 months now and acting like you know what's going on with the world! Your new "things" have been nodding your head back and forth with a big smile on your face when we nod our heads at you. Simple communication. It's great. You are also speaking new sounds everyday! For awhile it was the M's...and then D's and B's now...You have said Mama a lot, but unfortunately for me it's just the sounds...no connection to me yet. It will come though, and I can't wait! You are sitting up with ease now and I can plop you down almost anywhere and you will keep yourself stable. It's sooo fun putting you in the little cart at stores now! (Before I had a baby, I didn't think much of the baby seats in grocery carts...but boy, they bring me a lot of joy now! ha.) You are trying more veggies now...but you aren't in love with too many. Tonight I made you peas and carrots (homemade even) and you hardly took three bites you little stinker! Ugh! But you did make sure to spit it out all over yourself and me and then laugh. So, I laughed. I'm probably not teaching you a lesson like I should be...but maybe next time I will scold you (it would be easier if you weren't so darn cute). You still aren't even close to sleeping through the night. No comments. Your dad and I were singing a song at church today that had the phrase, "there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.."I turned to your dad and said, "Just like Ollie." :) 

Fun times with Briton!

Floating in daddy's boss' pool!

Daycare pics. They apologized because they said they really couldn't get you to smile. Ha. We love these pics!

Shrimpfest with our little shrimp.

First Husker game! Cheering them on from Kansas.

Daddy likes to sing to you.

Mommy likes to match sometimes. Black leggings. Every girl loves them.

Big girl with her formula!

Every month I think I write how much more we love you. That your dad and I don't think we are able to love you anymore than we do....and then we do! You make us so happy my sweet girl! We love you!