"Yellow Bus"

Fall is here and in full force! We have been taking Ollie in in spoonfuls because we can't get over the cuteness of this stage...and the naughty-ness :/....She is starting to talk and talk...she will copy anything we say now, "yellow bus" being one of them- because we always pass a buss or two on the way home from daycare. We were out "gathering leaves" in a bucket the other day and I was telling her to look at the pretty yellow leaves..."yellow bus" she says;) 

She loves to sing sing sing songs in the car and acts like she knows every word. If you pass us driving you may see Adam and I synchronizing hand motions to Wheels on the Bus or Ten Little Monkeys. Yikes. 

"I'll eat you up, I love you so..." this is totally the age for this quote from Where the Wild Things Are.

Books from Mommy's classroom.

Shoe shopping is so fun!

Ashley and I at Adam's coworker, Amanda's wedding in KC.

Bill, Adam's boss, and I taking a pic with cake. Cake Boss.

New bed (Uncle Aus and Alex's old bunk bed- revamped in pink!)

Thanks for my Bruce shirt Gma Sunni and Gpa Mike!

My cat ears- wanted to wear them to church!

Whoa Brucey!

I love to climb on everything!

About to feed to goats at Mimi's.