Adam's a Dad.


This is way late. But better late than never, huh?! This June was Adam's 1st Father's Day! He has been the best dad an Ollie could ask for! He constantly tells me how much he loves being a dad. He is zooming her little 15 pound body across the living room, bouncing her off Bruce, and serenading her daily with guitar and song. Adam isn't a "dancer" and sadly enough, it causes many little "tiffs" between the two of us...but now guess who he circles around the kitchen with?! ha. I'll take it!

The one thing that has decreased since Ollie is sleep. Adam is a big sleeper. Big. And sad for him (and me) his number of hours in sweet slumber has dropped dramatically. The other day he was troubled by the fact that he had just had 3 cups of coffee and was able to sleep right after! So Ol and I thought the perfect gift would be to paint a coffee mug for him to have at work. I wanted it to be somewhat fun and artsy and personal because Adam always whips that kind of stuff out for me! So I found a place in west Wichita that you could paint items and have them fired and whatnot. So, even though the 20 minute ride there was almost as horrible as the 20 minutes ride back, I ventured out to paint with Miss Fussypants;) (I swear, her crying and screaming at the top of her lungs in the backseat is my kryptonite). I made sure to get there right when they opened so we would disrupt a fewer amount of customers. So, we got in at 10am. Picked out a mug. I painted the base color with Ollie entangled in my arms while the mug was in one and the brush in the other. I brought her little Bumbo so I would have at least 5 minutes to maybe write a quick message. And that's what happened. She only lasted 5 minutes and it was back to juggling. I knew I wanted her hand print on the mug, but knew it would send my heart rate sky rocketing. Dad's worth it though, right? So we did it. Hand in paint. Three 1/2 fingers on the mug. Success in my book. Botta bing, bottta boom. 

Thanks babe for being such a great dad for Ollie! We love you!

Hey June



He, Me & Paper Donuts.

 Adam and I are so different in a lot of ways. The kind of ways where it should get super annoying every day. Annoying. On his part. Ha. He is a saint. Really. I think I mention this every post. I am the kind of person that likes stuff happening all around me (mentally and physically). These summer days are proving what I mean. I find myself tickling Ollie, watching GMA, texting friends, browsing instagram, listening to a voicemail from my mom, all while making a DIY or recipe from my latest pinterest find. That's the way I like it. Summer always brings a new challenge for me since I am not working 40+ hours a week. I have to find ways to keep myself busy or I go crazy.
This busy-ness can be super fun when brainstorming new ideas...and then not super fun when I get the latest credit card bill. Boo.

Here's a quick example for you. I found out a couple days ago that the following day, June 7th, was National Donut Day! WHAT?! I. need. fun. donut. stuff. now. See what I mean, I mean really Amy. What you need is to save your money and your calorie intake. I instantly scrolled through my favorite blogs and decided what I needed to make this day. Donut Garland. Duh. I email Adam.

Me: Adam can you make me fun paper donuts?
Adam: For what?
Me: For donut garland of course. National Donut Day is tomorrow! We need donut garland and donuts from The Donut Whole for National Donut Day.
Adam: What size and how many? (I'm pretty sure he's good at rolling his eyes while smirking, if that's possible, he has a love/hate relationship with my ideas).

Here's the problem. Adam loves his life very clean, tidy, and in order. If he lived here alone remotes would go a certain way, drying towel would always be put under the sink, and blankets on the sofa would be perfectly alined and folded. Lucky for him, happy chaos surrounds him, blankets unfolded and all. 6 outta 7 days of the weeks he gets me. Precious gem.
So lately when Adam comes home and finds neon beads and sea salt, ribbon and books, onesies and shoes and paint all over the place, he questions me. Ha. Asking me nicely what I did all day because I obviously didn't clean. And I get it. And I think he gets me. We just clash on this. Usually the girl in the relationship is the super cleany clean freak? And I like my life everywhere, so I'm reminded of it. Some may call this messy. Messiness. Adam would call this stressful. So, I need to make myself a goal. A goal to make my husband happy. Picking up and cleaning. I did it yesterday and went to town. I did laundry, swept, did the dishes, folded laundry, organized, threw away, washed the sheets, I even ended up cleaning my make-up drawer (that doesn't even concern him)! (Ollie had a good nap day, that and I tied the little cutie to me...so technically, she helped.)  And now today...Apparently I'm blogging instead? I will clean something. How often do I need to do this? Hm...daily? Seems like overkill. Two times a week? Once a week? I need a chart. A fun chart. And a cleaning basket to put all the cleaning supplies in one spot. I need a basket. I bet that would motivate me. A polka dot cleaning basket? Yeah;)


Donut Day picture. We grilled out with a friend and had a "donut station". You can see how vital it was to have the garland. Pretty vital. 

Don't worry. Ollie didn't eat any part of the donut. We just let her feel all the textures right before we tore it our of her hands to gulp it down. Well, that just sounds like we are super parents. Next year Ol.