Say Hello to my Little Friend

Today's the day. RIP red beard. It's been a good 7 months...for Adam. If he had it his way it would let it grow until....forever. Luckily, I get somewhat of a say;) and I'll tell it to ya straight. I wasn't too sad to see it go. It was time dear husband, it was time.   


Whole Food & Picture Show

Adam has wanted to go to Whole Foods all week. He has been there many times to eat, but was all about "grocery shopping" there. I got daily emails about this. I told him it was going to be pricey, as I have tired this before. Pricey. A couple of times I told him, it was going to be pricey. 

We went. We bought. It was pricey. We left. 

It was nice while it lasted Whole Foods.


New topic. I need to tell you about this app that I just got called PictureShow. It's my total fave. I've been playing with it this morning while Adam is sleeping. So, enjoy my favorite buys from last night;) Apparently I think I can get away with anything since it's "from Whole Foods"...


This is Ridic.

I'm talking about the weather. We went to the cabin today. It's March. Forget the NCAA tournament. Now, this is madness. 



I don't know if anybody feels like we do now, but.....dang. Selling houses wayyyy under what they are worth just isn't fun. Our house has been up since last June. We were in no "hurry" to sell....but now another June is coming right around the corner, and we are getting a little anxious. We found out there are 14 houses for sale that are the exact same as ours, but don't worry,  with all new appliances, darker wood floors, built three years after ours, and up for sale 5k less than ours! We wanted to start looking for something new...and have tried a little in the last month...but don't know what we should do. Nobody knows how the market is going to be in a year. It's sooo frustrating. For me, it would just be easier to either stay and get that into my mindset or just leave and plan on losing lots of $, but buy while the market is down :( I have been praying about it for months...and sometimes it gets discouraging. I just want to know what to do! That little sign from above... right?! I think God is just saying, "Amy, there might not be a 'sign right away!" Telling us to BE PATIENT! Especially me. I'm not the most patient person on the block. And I'm trying to work on that. I think this is God at work on me perhaps. Unfortunately, I just wish his was working faster;) 

Whatever happens, "it will be fine". I say that to Adam all the time (and I think he gets annoyed...because it is to either get out of an in depth conversation or in a tone that is not my finest). At least I got the man of my dreams trying to keep me positive about the situation. And a dad that comes up whenever we need him to give advice on houses all over Omaha. New house or not. Praise Jesus.

I think I need to memorize this verse stat: 

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him...-Psalm 37:7 

Sweetness in the Rain

Rainy days= indoor recess. Multiple indoor recesses=daily headaches. Daily headaches=Me feeling sorry for myself. Me feeling sorry for myself=the pictures below. The pictures below= helping me see a glimpse of beautiful light. 

1) Our "wife class" has now transformed into "Lori's Ladies" (since Lori will be mentoring a group of us girls) and reunited. Lori taught us how to make her mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. Intense stuff, that making things from scratch, I tell ya. I feel like if I took all the time to put into those cinnamon rolls I would at least have to consume half the batch. right? My thighs, I'm sure, would be delighted.

2) We got this in the mail. Nothing like transforming a rainy day into imaginary rainbows & sunshine. The personalized part even threw in some flying unicorns and a pot of gold at the bottom of that rainbow. We are going on this for a big family vaca in August...with the whole family. Including the cousins. That's my favorite part. They are the coolest people around. and I mean THE coolest.     

3) Adam went out for lunch on Tuesday with his cousin and brought me this back claiming it was the "best cupcake in Omaha"...I might agree. From Dolce Cafe. He had never been there before, but now promises to take me. I promise to get another cupcake.

4) The Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow! I will be attending with friends AND our guys. When Adam stated this the other day... "I can go with you if you want"...I knew what that meant. I'm not stupid. And neither is he. It's going to be bomb diggity.


Weekend via iPhone


Amy Neuberger got engaged!!!

Bike Ride. (the beard is coming off so soon.....I'm kinda excited..kinda.)

Car wash.

 Taco Bell. And just to update you on their menu. They are now offering more of a variety of desserts. I just downed 2 chocolate chip cookies with frosting and 23,087 calories in the middle. I'm sure that is just what I needed for my "power cut" class tomorrow at the gym....hmm...yeah. 


Something that I'm Into...

For the last month or so I have been getting together with some teachers that I teach with to do a Beth Moore study. I have never done one, but have heard a lot about them. Let me tell you. I am lovingggg it! She is just a hoot and a half. Firecracker, that woman. We are doing the study of Ester right now and I never want to put the study down...I will even find myself "cheating" and reading past the passages I am suppose to be reading just to get into more of the drama of this of book of the Bible! I have never really read this book and I don't know how? It's all about royalty and parties and drama, drama, drama. We are probably about half way through and I can't get enough.

I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of Beth Moore, herself. I hope you eat it up.



All Things Green

The Leprechaun Chase approached this weekend and we did partake in this 10k event. I thought it was only appropriate to prepare for it by going to stores to grab the latest St. Patty's day attire instead of actually running. Not my best decision, but if I had to do it again, I would still choose shopping instead of running.  Oh, do I wish I could motivated the other way around.

The weather was prettyyyy nice, I will say. The sun was shining. It was a little hilly and windy. Jen and I suffered together. There was a point to the end where Jen turned to me and said "I am never doing a half again"...ha. I nodded, and thought how much I agreed with that statement.  Those hills are horrible. You run up it, feel like you need to throw up, but have to keep running instead. That screams a good time.

We found out after that Ross had quite the run. He chose to sit on a bench, do some hip stretches, go the the bathroom, and run backwards during the 10k event itself. ahhh...hearing this made the night. Free bird, that Ross.  

Alex Ehly was there and he was square (I'm not quite sure what that means..but only good things Al, only good things). Poor Erin couldn't run because of her knees:( 

Our friend Ron also won 2nd place for his costume. That a lad.

All in all. Good times. Ross, Jen, Adam, and I went and ate french fries and all things with calories afterward. Here are some pics.

This was special.

Happy dessert.


Everybody Wang "Chung" Tonight

So the Chungs graced us with their presence this weekend. A little Jack was there and loving life. We ate pizza and carmelitas (a dessert that has lots of calories and everything you could want in a dessert). It was fun times.  

Fun Fact of the Day: You may have always wondered..."What does wang chung mean?"...A source on the internet told me this (with an example and all)..."Wang chung" is a 1960's beatnik term that means playing guitar. "What are you gonna do tonight, man?" "Just hang out at the pad and wang chung". The term comes from what they perceived as the sound of strumming an acoustic guitar. You are welcome for this interesting tidbit.

Another Fun Fact: Adam and I are listening to "Getting Jiggy with It" and "Miami" from Big Willie himself. Party in the city when the heat is on. I am going to now dance circles around my husband and watch him laugh at me (secretly wishing he had my moves).