Ollie @ 3 Months

"Dad! Mom's gonna freak out!"

My favorite part of the day.

Here is newborn Ollie and 3 month Ollie!

Love those baby legs.

Looking in the mirror...Ha.
Mom went to KC for the weekend, dad sent her this text. Funny.

I like having a girl.

Family walks.

You always roll towards dad during the night...and he end up on the very edge of the bed by morning...it upsets his sleep a little, but he tells me he secretly loves it:)

I can't believe how quick it is all going Ollie! You are getting so big. I had to box up some of your newborn clothes the other day and started crying to Adam. God-willing, I have a lot of your life to live with you still...and yet I'm so sad that the first three months are over. This "being a mom" thing is going to be pretty hard emotionally! Geesh! I feel so thankful to have you sweetie!

You started daycare this month and surprisingly it went pretty well...you adjusted well and it actually  helped us figure out how much exactly you were eating. I am doing okay...I mainly think it's because your dad drops you off and I get to pick you up! Plus, I knew I just had to make it two months before I got to spend a whole summer completely you and me! Ah! I'm so excited!

April 11 you slept through the night! You went to bed at 10 that night and got up at 7! Your dad and I woke up around 4 and were worried so we had to make sure you were breathing! You sleep with us at night (some people approve and some do not...but that's okay, our family likes it this way), and that's the only way you'll have it. I would keep you there forever...but dad thinks this summer we might have to get you more familiar with your bassinet, you go in there once and awhile, but usually not for a whole night...I fall asleep every night with a smile on my face just staring at you sleeping so peacefully. every night. precious baby. 

You have started drooling missy! And you spit up here and there which is new for you...

You stretttcchhh a lot now! It's the cutest thing in this entire world. I swear.

We have stayed in Wichita this whole month! This is very unusual for us! We usually go back once, if not twice a month. Next month I think we will be back a lot actually for different events and such so we are loving our "three of us" family time this month.

Hooray for 3 Months!


Pancakes & Yoga

Ollie and I wanted to be colorful and fit this weekend we decided. So, we whipped up some rainbow pancakes (because who doesn't love colorful food)...and went to Mommy & Baby Yoga. At yoga, we didn't really work too hard. We did a few poses and kissed the babies every time we did one. It was fun because the girl who does my hair brought her little babe, so we yoga'd with our girls! I smiled a lot, and so did you. 


An April Weekend

Last weekend Adam's dad and Sunni came up to visit us and Ollie! They came bringing steaks and cheesecake:) We grilled out and chatted Friday morning and grabbed brunch before they headed back to Nebraska! Thanks for coming guys! We loved having you!

Adam has been begging me to go to the zoo before Ollie was even born. Wichita has the third best zoo in the nation I guess, and even though Omaha's is number one Adam has been itching to go. I'm just not much of an "animal" person, let alone a "zoo" person. I know, roll your eyes. I'm just not. We have Bruce because I was trying to be a good wife to Adam...and ended up liking the beast, lucky for him.  Anyways, the weather was finally decent so I wanted to be outside and thought it would be fun to take our little Ollie! It wasn't horrible;) And Ollie started fussing a lot about an hour in...so lucky for me, we didn't stay too long. You did it Ollie! Your first trip to the zoo, we'll write it in the books!


Easter 2013

Ollie's 1st Easter! Fun times! One morning before the holiday itself she and I spent some time in a little Bunny "photo shoot" if you will. I smiled like crazy while trying to dress up my little ollie dollie;)

We had Adam's side the day before as we combined the celebration with Robin's birthday! It was a beautiful beautiful day and Ollie came gracing all of us with her presence as she was head to toe in polka dots! I could dress her in polka dots all day everyday. I mean really.


 The next day we spent with my family and the day started off with church, celebrating the most precious gift, Jesus rising!

The "kids" spent much time outside.  Miss Mary organized a game of frolf and we engaged in the thrilling frisbee golf tournament. Adam and I tied. He wanted a rematch. I declined.



Happy. Happy. Fun.