Here are some moments so far this February. We had a couple of snow days which equaled amazing. and good ol' Valentine's which equaled staying in our pjs pretty much the entire weekend because we are trying to get over some colds. Adam and I laughed so much in the last two days. Over stupid stuff. and it's so funny because when we laughed, really laughed, Ollie just started laughing so she could feel part of the party. Swoon. This weekend was special, even though it wasn't really special. It was just a moment in time that I wish I could freeze and replay over and over again (types sappy pregnant lady). But if you know me, you know I have a horrible memory. and I'm hoping these pictures will help me remember these moments.

Snow Day Pancakes.

She would have us read a million books a night if she could. This was the line-up one night.

Sick babe.

Doctor Appointments with the crew. 28 weeks.

Last year/This year. We heart matching almost as much as we heart Vday!

Puffy Cheeks.

Visiting Great Grandma Barb.

Thanks Luke, Wichita buddy for my hair thangs.

On the way to Vday brunch at Le Peep. This girl. 

I attempted homemade pizza! Crust and sauce and all!


February 5th marked 4 years for Adam and I. Four years! Tonight we got out our "boxes" that we keep things that we do/make for each other (or have since we were dating). I actually keep the boxes...ha. I'm not sure if Adam even remotely remembered that I had them;) It was so neat to go down memory lane, just in the 4-6 years that we have known each other. Adam was showing Ollie pictures of us when were were dating and she would say "mommy daddy" with a smile on her little face. Adam said "look how happy they are"...and then I jokingly asked "happier then or now?" knowing that we both were thinking NOW, clearly and then verbalized it. It's so amazing how you think you are so happy at a moment in your life not knowing that you would be so much more happier in blank amount of years. I honestly think of heaven when I think of this. Earthly moments can be so great...but they are just so minuscule compared to when we are up with Jesus praising Him in heaven! Just dipping our toes in the vast ocean. 

I am so incredibly lucky to have you Adam! I'm sitting here trying not to tear up as I write and rewrite sentences. But I just can't put into words my feelings and gratefulness for you. I laugh so much when I am with you. I can be brutally honest when I am with you. You are such a good dad, it's crazy. I'm taken back and amazed every time you race around the house with Ollie. or get her her 8th mini corndog of the day. or dance to $2 hot dog $1 water with her. or try to change her dirty diaper. or let her cover your face in stickers. or "get in her dog house with her and both look out the hole". or play doctor with her right when the super bowl is starting. I am just so happy to get to spend my days on Earth here with you! I love you so much! Here's to as many years as God will give us together!


Ollie's Birthday Questions- 2 Year Edition

1) Who is your favorite person? Ollie.
2) What is your favorite color? Blue.
3) What is your favorite TV show? Baby Bop.
4) What is your favorite animal? (monkey sound).
5) What is your favorite food? Kiwi in the bubble bath (one time, we indeed had a kiwi while taking a bubble bath- livin the life).
6) What is your favorite song? E-O (Old McDonald had a Farm).
7) Who is your best friend? (hugs Bruce).
8) What is your favorite book? Hi Bruce (we think it is Pete the Cat- it's read multiple times a day in our house). 


Happy 2nd Birthday Ollie Lu!

We had Ollie's 2nd birthday party on her actual birthday, January 31! A Saturday before a blizzard came through! It was so nice to have the party in our new home and have family come and celebrate Ollie with us!
The theme was "Puppy Party"! We had a puppy cake, "Brucey" garland, and a couple of stuffed dogs with party hats to get the party going! Ol was pretty shy to start out her party but loosened up by the end.

                   Chocolate Birthday donuts with sprinkles to start off the day!

                          Around 4:00 the party dress went on and puppy party was off!

Adam made Ollie a Puppy cut out photo booth:) We are so lucky to have an artsy man in our life who helps make things fun!

I'm 2!

After everyone left we got comfy and Ollie made us some "hot tea with honey" :)

Our Ollie is 2!

Ollie Lu, 

How are you two right now?! It seems like yesterday that we were having to stay extra nights in the hospital after your C-section arrival. I just wanted to take you home and snuggle you in my own bed! The thought/action are still carried out, every morning around 4am you still come into our room and want to snuggle with mommy and daddy. We are softies, so as soon as we hear your little footsteps run into our room we gather you up in our arms and hug your little body as we all fall back into our now more sleepless slumber.

Let's see Miss Ollie, you are still quite the lil drama queen. You can go from a full out screaming fit to giggling in just seconds if you set your mind to it. Your dad and I always give each other looks like, "really Ollie?"! You still want me or daddy to hold you a lot. You say "I wanna hold you" when you want to be held. It's kinda the sweetest thing. You always want daddy to "sit down" by your kitchen so you can whip him up some hot and tasty food and drinks. We think your little brother may get bossed around a lot. We will see how that goes. 

You fell in love with chocolate this past month- girl after my own heart. You have started to dance more to music and it's amazing. You even get daddy to dance with you! You are starting to say almost complete sentences it seems like- and we can understand what you mean! Fingernail polish is your thing. Babies are also your thing. You feed them, bounce them, and put them to bed so carefully. You LOVE reading books. We have to read probably 5-8 books every night before you go to bed. Sometimes you get double. You have dad read Pete the Cat, say all the words you know, and then you have me read it right after. Another couple of favorites at the moment are Pout Pout Fish, and these "Ollie" books that cousin Crosbi gave you for Christmas. You also love to go on little talking rants in which dad refers to you as a motivational speaker. You walk around the room pointing and different things and talking with such power and determination. You just say all the words you know together in a twenty minute rant. Ha. We have this on video, don't you worry.

Daddy and I love you so much! And while you have quite the personality that keeps us on our toes and constantly re-thinking what new parenting books we need to read, we wouldn't change it for the world! You have so much love in that little heart. Sometimes I get a little nervous about how you will take it come April and you have a new little sibling. It may be an adjustment and first, but I know he is gonna be your little sidekick after awhile! Until then, you better believe I am cherishing every second with just YOU!