Bruce the Bulldog

Finally, today was the day...we met Bruce and got to take him home! We set our alarm clock for 7am this morning and headed off to Kansas City to meet Jan, the Bulldog breeder. Jan was as cute as all get out when it came down to loving her dogs and her attire proved it: a pink shirt with a bulldog face smack in the middle covered by her quilted bulldog jacket. She pulled out our folder with the information we needed for taking care of Bruce from her bulldog purse! Not kidding. Intense bulldog lover and we loved every second of it! We received tons of goodies from her...everything from food and treats to toys and "puddle pads(used to help potty train pups)" and headed home!


We took Bruce in and set him down in our living room/kitchen area and watched him explore around. In the first 20 minutes he went to the bathroom three times on the carpet. Ha. We immediately started throwing more and more old towels down, of course he hasn't gone on the towels once, he prefers the white carpet, precious thing. 

He took about a two hour nap while Adam did some freelance and I baked a giant cupcake birthday cake for Adam's brother, Thomas! I don't know what I would have done if the Neuberger girls hadn't gotten me that mold! :)  I would probably be five pounds lighter (because I of course ate all the part I had to cut off)! Here is a quick glimpse of that. Not the prettiest...in my mind I was picturing finished products like on Cupcake Wars...Adam had to remind me a couple of times that baking is not my full time job so I shouldn't expect mine to be like theirs...true, true. 

Bruce is eating right now from the bowls we painted a few weeks ago...Whenever he eats or drinks Adam and I always say "you know what's coming soon..."...ha. Adam has already had to pick him up mid-pee and sprint over to the "paddle pad" to set him down three times now while I've been typing...of course he is ALWAYS done by the time Adam gets him there! "I just can't ever get their fast enough when I see him start" -in the moment quote by Adam. I think it's kinda entertaining at the moment, not gonna lie. We will keep you updated on this potty training experience. 

We are now heading off to Lincoln to celebrate Thomas turning 21 and Easter tomorrow! I'm sure we will have some good pics hopefully. *Jan sent an Easter day outfit for Bruce...we might have to put it on...just for 5 minutes to make us laugh.


  1. He looks so cute! I can't wait to meet him- Amy Gerhart

  2. That picture of him drinking out of his water bowl is so cute! Too bad it's been so rainy outside, bad potty training weather! Have fun with that, ha ha.

  3. Omg your puppy is so cute!!! Can you give us the info on the breeder name? My bf and I have been looking for a puppy bulldog for a while now and it's really frustrating to find good breeders who have healthy and genetically sound pups... We don't want our puppy to suffer bc someone decided to breed just to make money... There's a lot of those vs. just really loving breeders.. We would truly appreciate any help/info you guys can provide :)

  4. Thanks! We got him here: http://www.budaciousbulldogs.com/nursery.html