Ollie @ 6 Months

Ollie! You are 6 months old today! Half a year sweet girl! This last month you have really come "alive" in everything you do! Everyday I tell Adam that I don't deserve such a sweet, funny girl! You have been learning how to sit up on your own (granted, we always have to be right there because you haven't quite mastered the skill, but you sure are close!).  You "chirp" all the time like a little bird. Your great grandpa Sapp thinks you are going to be a talker! Ha. We noticed you have a little birthmark on your right hand and an even smaller birthmark on your right leg!  You get your hands/arms moving a lot when you are excited, it almost looks like you are a little swimmer out of water. It will be fun to see which activities you like in the future! You just started jumping a lot in your jumper! It's the cutest thing ever. I swear. I think I have recorded you jumping away 20 million times. And you love dancing with me! ha. Your dad just gets a kick outta it. You just smile smile smile! Also, like your dad, you tend to sneeze in the sun.

You still aren't sleeping in long increments through the night. We know our neighbor Luke (who is a month older) sleeps basically 7-7. Ha. You are no Luke when it comes to your sleep routine. But You are starting to always get tired around 7:30 at night...sometimes you will sleep til midnight (maybe longer) and other times you will wake up in an hour, ready to party.

You don't have your 6 month appointment until a week or two...so mom thought it would be okay to start pureeing some veggies for you and freezing them! You tried zucchini last night and it didn't seem to phase you. Didn't impress you too much, but you ate it. Ha. It is messy messy to feed you. Your arms are always wailing all over the place.

I start back teaching on Tuesday:( I'm a little nervous, not for you, I think you will do great at daycare...more for me. But hopefully, it is a smooth transition for all and we get into a little routine since this summer has been a busy and "non-routine" time. 

You had two big accomplishments this month when it comes to traveling. You rode on your first plane to Chicago and I took you by myself to Nebraska. I was soooo nervous about me driving 4.5 hours with you solo, I had knots the whole day!  We left at 8:30 pm and drove through the night so you would be more likely to sleep. On the way to NE you cried and cried for the first 45 minutes (there was a moment where I started crying and called your dad and grandma- ha, I know, "very dramatic mom")...but then you slept the rest of the trip! And on the way back to KS Sunday night you slept the ENTIRE way! I was soooo excited and proud of you! I think we exhausted you that weekend and you were ready for a long sleep;)

*Anddd very important ;) .... The Royal Baby George also came this month! I wanted to note that because you and I have been keeping up with all of that on the morning shows:)

Lots of updates!

 We love you so much Ol! Just can't get enough of ya!

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