23 Minutes in Hell

My mom gave me this audio book to listen to on the drive to and from Wichita this weekend. Very interesting. Super interesting. I have never even thought about some of the things that came up in this book. There was a part that talked about how we prepare for vacations/trips that I related to well...We spend so much time planning a trip before we actually go. Hotels, flights, transportation in between, restaurants, activities, etc. Hours and hours. We plan, plan, plan just so we are prepared when we arrive to our "temporary" destination. Trips, for us, are usually only a few days to a week. Not too long. Bill Wiese (the author) brought up how we prepare soooo much for a quick trip, but when it comes to our eternal lives, we don't give much thought into reading the Bible (if you believe in it), researching, or anything for that matter of fact. Christians or not, we all are going to die. And to think about spending your eternity in the depths of hell is scary. Horrifying.  He talked about yearning for a simple drop of water. one drop. that he would never get. Pain so intense it would kill the humanly body in minutes, but your body in hell doesn't die. you suffer. forever. 

Now, whether you buy into this guy's story or not, you might want read or listen to this book. My point being, it may be something to at least prompt you to think about eternal life...this life on earth is like a blink of an eye in the whole scheme of things....blink of an eye people! Where are you going after? (and sorry, not to be crazyyy serious...but it is a crazy serious question).

If anyone is going on a long drive or just wants to borrow this audio book I will mail it to ya! Just call or facebook me....:)


  1. This sounds really good! I would love to borrow it!

  2. Yes, give me your info and I will send it to you!

  3. I am busy listening to a few others right now. Can we wait a little while?