and I said yes...to a bulldog!

As many of you know I am not what you would call an "animal lover"...I don't know why, I wish I could be, I think I should be, but I'm just not. I usually get the response "but you teach little kids...", ha. I may teach the little ones, but having cats walk in between my legs with their tail out and about gives me the creeps, and doggie drool....just not a fan. There have been countless times where my friends will take over to "protect" me when it comes to the animal creatures. Whether Jen and I are at a friend's house with animals (immediately there is eye contact made between the two of us...she knows that I know a dog is quickly approaching my area, usually I try to secretly move behind her, and let her take over the petting approach) or when Breezer and I used to go on walks around different neighborhoods. As soon as I would hear a dog bark I would dash around her to the opposite side of street the dog was, I would freak out and nervously think about how big the dog would be or how fast it could catch us, all the while she is laughing and making fun of me. So yeah, animals...don't want one, not ever getting one...

Adam and I will be picking up our bulldog in a few weeks...I gave in! Ever since I knew Adam, he has ALWAYS wanted a bulldog.  He strategically has been sending me pictures, photos, videos, anything he could about bulldogs for the last two years. I think he had a plan that getting me used to the idea of "awww the puppy is kinda cute" would make it easier in the long run to get my "okay"...which it did, so props to him (and anybody else in this situation you could learn from this sly little planner-ha).

Yesterday Adam and I decided to paint the food and water bowls for our little "Bruce the Bulldog". Note: I have recently found that little Bruce might come in very handy for me as well...(It would have taken a lot more talking for Adam to go to "That Pottery Place" if I just wanted to go paint frames, plates, and vases:) but since it was for Bruce, he was in in a heartbeat)!
Here's a look into our painting! We will go back next week once they have been glazed & fired to pick 'em up!

And here is a quick preview of little Bruce. Born February 21:) We will go get him the day before Easter if everything goes as scheduled...This will be interesting!


  1. Nice work, very cute little puppy dog! What a nice little Easter present :)

  2. Finally found your blog:) So cute! I am the same way about animals, wish I was a lover, I just am not. Fortunately for me we had so many kids so quickly, Kyle doesn't feel he'll ever get the dog (he begged his parents for as a kid). The kids are enough work;) I don't know though, Bruce is sooooo cute! Oh, and I'd buy the mac-n-cheese card, my husband LOVES mac-n-cheese!

  3. What a cute bullie!!!!!!! I love him! And Amy, I think you'll fall in love with him in no time!!!