4th of July!

We had a fun and eventful 4th with 4 now in our clan! Joe, one of Adam's friends was suppose to come up but had plane problems on Friday- so we joined Adam's family at "Gramalina's". Ollie is not a big fan of loud fireworks- even little snappers. Pax and Bruce sleep through them.

Saturday we headed out to the cabin and spent the day with a cabin full of friends and family. The Ehlys came out for the parade and we cruised golf cart style with our growing families.  The afternoon proceeded with us rushing to Emergicare for Ollie. She got some sand in her little swimsuit and it was hurting her to go to the bathroom:( Poor thing. Lots of screaming and tears. But we got it all figured out a couple of hours later, thankfully. The evening ended with the four of us showered and cuddled with The Bee Movie (I saw one or two fireworks through the kitchen window- ha). And a bowl of popcorn. And a beverage of choice. Long day. Good but long;) 

At church today they mentioned how we forget to be thankful for religious freedom here. We celebrate with parades and fancy color themed apparel and food- but forget that so many people in other countries are being beaten, killed- persecuted daily for believing in God. That really made me think. So thankful to live in America and a reminder to pray for those who stand firm to believing in our Lord Jesus!

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