Colors, Words, and Shelves.

So...three things I want to share and three things that have nothing to do with each other. Bear with me here...

1) Cards. For anyone who knows me, they know not to send me into Hallmark quick to grab "a card". Minimum time spent in there will probably be 30 minutes, give or take. I have multiple boxes stacked up in the closet at home designated for my "cards" (yes, it may be pathetic, this I understand, however, am choosing to ignore it). Some, of course, are for "certain events" that happen with friends and family (duh Amy, right.)... aka , my last minute "Thank God I bought this card 4 months ago" cards to grab as I am throwing on my long, gold Jcrew necklace and rummaging through my bins of shoes to head to a wedding that we should have been heading to fifteen minutes prior! A lot of the cards that I buy are displayed around wherever. School, my room, the bathroom, anywhere...(This is now a little trickier to pull off since Adam thinks it is not super necessary to have twenty cards stuck on our fridge, the bathroom mirror, etc.). I love to send random cards though! Cards in the mail, to someone, just because it's "March 20" (which means nothing at all). I will say I have been slacking in this area since the wedding and whatnot (and I don't even want to think about all the thank yous I have yet to start..!!!), but I think I will make it my "summer goal" to do this better. Before Adam and I were even engaged we talked about starting our own card company! Perfect! There are more times then I can count when having your husband be a creative little son-of-a-gun comes in veryyyy handy:) Here are just some random cards that make me smile (the best one, of course, being one my lil bro made for me for my 22nd bday, let's just say...he forgot about my birthday, I made him feel supperrr guilty, and that sparked him to do something a little more personal that would get him outta the doghouse with his older sister- ha)!

My friend Rachyl moved out to Cali and sent me this one. I'm a sucker for the sparkles and bright colors!

From the Boss himself (aka Austin)

2) I don't think many people got to see how Adam proposed to me, so here is a little booklet that he made and shared with me on June 10, 2010! Hooray, he is so dang cute!

One day when we were out for dinner he drew two stick people on a napkin holding hands and I was obsessed with it! Hence, the stick people:) 

3) Shelves....So, I didn't know that practically every small piece of furniture you buy you basically have to put together! What?! Adam and I used some of our gift cards from good ol' Target to buy a shelf for our room...needless to say, what we thought would be a 45 minute project turned into a 4 hour and 50 minute project! Ahh! We would proudly screwed in bolts, humbly unscrewed them (figured out how the piece was really suppose to go), and screwed it in the correct way. This was what we did. and did. and did.  Let's hope we have lots of time to get better at this....ha. 

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